Going Stag

Rustic and classic, a beautiful set of antlers or a horn-inspired piece can add sculptural beauty and a compelling sense of movement that is perfectly on point. While they have of course been used in decor for centuries, in recent years antlers have seemed particularly prominent, adorning not only walls, but coffee tables, bookshelves, jewelry, and even runway models. Though not for everybody, the enduring appeal is understandable; as the above stairway by Chattanooga’s Revival Interiors shows, a gorgeous set will first and foremost honor and evoke the spirit of the animal, and, when properly placed, can make a space feel a bit wild and wonderfully complete.


Nature and neutrals come together in this image of Mary Holland of Holland and Company with her dog, Stella, taken by TSG Atlanta photographer Erica George Dines.

The peach moonstone, pave diamond, and antler necklace by The Woods Fine Jewelry (left), available at Charlottesville’s Eloise, is an excellent example of the jewelers’ ethereal yet edgy style. Twine & Twig’s necklaces made from naturally shed deer and elk antlers (right), available from Wilmington’s Paysage Home, exude earthy elegance.

Always on the lookout for unique natural elements, TSG co-founder Christy Ford fashioned a headpiece from ribbons and found antlers for her daughter.

Alexa Pulitzer’s notecards bearing a noble stag are ideal for any important correspondence; the silver necklace, available from Charlottesville’s La Linea Bella!, is delightfully delicate; measuring 37” H x 29” W x 23” D, the antique carved deer head, available from Revival, is our kind of trophy.

We love the idea of turning a corner and finding a well curated collection, as so perfectly demonstrated in the above room by Judy King, in Princeton.

Top: An inviting and inspiring coffee table vignette by Doug Davis of Chattanooga’s Hannon Douglas; bottom, left: A beautiful rustic dining room by Jackson, Mississippi-based Nancy Price Interiors; bottom, right: a majestic mounted skull, available from Charleston’s Arsenal Designed.

San Francisco-based Macfee Designs’s ski chalet is the picture of cozy mountain chic.

Left: An impala mount on ebonized backplate, available from Robuck in Atlanta, deserves a place of honor; top, right: horn set on crystal bases, available from Chicago’s Maze Home, will add an artfully untamed touch to a tabletop; bottom, right: a 19th-century 6-light French wood and antler chandelier with black shirred silk shades, available from Garden Variety in Nashville, is a true conversation starter.

The gold spherical antler-inspired lighting fixture draws the eye up in a gorgeous room by Atlanta-based Westbrook Interiors (top). Above, left to right: Arsenal Designed and Charlottesville’s Stedman House offer a twist on the typical antler accessories via a gilded skull with horns and a whitewashed chandelier.

Natural light, safari accents, and soft feminine touches transform this master bedroom, by Atlanta’s H&H home, in to a sophisticated retreat.