An Expert's Tips to Planning a Wellness Getaway

The new year’s emphasis on health and wellness coupled with post-holiday blues have us yearning for a getaway, a wellness getaway to be more specific. For insider information on booking the ideal wellness retreat, we tapped Kaleigh Kirkpatrick of The Shameless Tourist

Armed with ample experience and the best connections, Kaleigh and her team are unmatched in their ability to plan unforgettable vacations. And whether you’re in search of a rigorous wellness experience – complete with diagnostic testing and cleanses – or a more indulgent, spa-like getaway, Kaleigh and The Shameless Tourist will facilitate the perfect wellness retreat, takeoff to touchdown. Here Kaleigh offers a few tips and recommendations to inspire your well-deserved getaway, plus a few of her favorite destinations.

The Scout Guide Fort Worth: How do you help clients select the right wellness retreat?
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick: Usually, we start with a phone call to discuss their goals and specifics, including dates, guests, length of stay, and destination. 

The Scout Guide Fort Worth: What should travelers look for when selecting a wellness retreat?
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick: When helping clients plan a wellness retreat, we like to establish a firm understanding of what our client hopes to get out of the experience. Are they looking to make a major lifestyle or habit change? Or would they rather have a relaxing spa experience? This helps us narrow down the right destination, as the culture of wellness retreats run the gamut, and many can be strict in terms of diet, daily schedules, and tech. Choose a resort that suits the trip you’re imagining.

The Scout Guide Fort Worth: How far in advance should travelers plan and book a wellness retreat?
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick: We recommend travelers book their wellness getaway at least six months in advance. By planning so far in advance, travelers will be able to choose their ideal destination rather than being at the mercy of limited availability. But, there are also a few resorts so popular that reservations should be made a year in advance. We can always provide our clients with this insider information.

The Scout Guide Fort Worth: What, if any, are the best times to take a wellness retreat vacay?
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick: Timing depends on your destination. You’ll find many of the best domestic wellness resorts in the southern United States, which makes Fall to Spring the ideal times to visit. That said, if you hope to travel during peak season, be ready to plan asap!

The Scout Guide Fort Worth: Anything else travelers should know when considering a wellness retreat?
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick: Many wellness retreats are all-inclusive, so pricing can seem quite high when looking at initial rates. Keep in mind all of the inclusions to avoid sticker shock!


Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa (5000 E. Via Estancia, Catalina, Arizona) has a few fabulous locations, though Arizona is Kaleigh’s favorite. Located on 400-acres in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is outfitted with a luxe spa, talented practitioners, and wonderful activities. Looking for somewhere closer to home? Look into Miraval Austin.

Lake Austin Spa Resort (1705 S. Quinlan Park Rd, Austin, Texas) is just outside Austin, which makes it an easy option for Fort Worth locals in search of a quick, relaxing getaway. Enjoy fabulous daily fitness activities (like water yoga in the stunning, barn-enclosed warm pool, paddle boarding, and hikes to river-based workouts) and more than 100 services for mind and body. 

Canyon Ranch (8600 E. Rockcliff Rd., Tucson, Arizona) is a must for a deep dive into wellness. Withstate of the art facilities and programs, it’s a top choice for the traveler looking for a thorough reset! Their Pathways program is particularly compelling, as it offers medical-based immersive experiences with diagnostic services for targeted health improvements. 

The Ranch (12220 Cotharin Road, Malibu, California) specializes in personal awareness and life transformation: physically, mentally, and spiritually. A results-based experience that begins before you step foot on property, it’s best for guests looking for a highly-structured, comprehensive wellness experience.  

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