5 Thanksgiving Wine Pairings You'll Love

Fort Worth Wine Pairings

In preparation for one of our favorite days of the year – the quality time! the football! the turkey! – we chatted with Jennifer Demel, our go-to wine expert and founder of Thirty Eight and Vine, for her expertise on Thanksgiving wine pairings that are sure to please our family and friends. Keep reading for five wonderful wine selections the tidbits that will have your guests considering you a sommelier.

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“For Thanksgiving wines, I tend to lean in the direction of white wines which, I know, may not seem to be an anticipated recommendation. But, as a rule of thumb, you always want your wine to be sweeter than your food, and for Thanksgiving, you’re working with foods + dishes like cranberries, sweet potatoes, honey-drizzled brussels sprouts, and marshmallows. To complement these quintessential tastes, I’ve selected varieties that, while not having the same name recognition of a Chardonnay, encompass what you’re looking for in a holiday meal pairing and are truly fantastic wines.” – Jennifer Demel

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc, Domaine Arnaud Lambert, Loire, FR 2017

This variety combines an elegant structure for body and texture with acidity, creating a crisp wine. Chenin Blanc can be paired with a full Thanksgiving meal or perfect for sipping on while preparing the meal or enjoying delicious appetizers.

Gruner Veltliner, Rosi Schuster, Burgenland, Austria 2016

Gruner Veltliner is another excellent option for Thanksgiving as it tends to be a drier style wine with high acidity. It’s the perfect wine to cut through the richness and creaminess of Thanksgiving side dishes. You will also experience a bit of white pepper in a Gruner Veltliner, which will stand up nicely to root vegetables and will also be able to hold its own paired next to a turkey.

Albarino, Granbazan, Galicia, Spain 2019

With an Albarino, you and your guests will enjoy a wine with high acidity and minerality with a well-balance of tropical fruits and structure. Albarinos also encompass a salty aftertaste coming from the coastal location of where the grapes are grown. This is a fun, unexpected wine to pair with Thanksgiving.

Syrah, Underground Wine Project, ‘Idle Hands’, Red Mountain, Washington 2014

If you are looking specifically for a red, I recommend varieties that won’t overpower the meal. Turn towards a softer Pinot Noir, such as a Beaujolais, or a Syrah which will provide a meatier structure with hints of pepper to stand up next to a Thanksgiving feast.

Ferghetina, ‘Milledi’, Brut, Franciacorta, Lombardy, Italy NV

One cannot enjoy a holiday celebration without a delicious sparkling wine to toast in celebration. I would absolutely suggest a Franciacorta – in fact, it’s the cork our family will be popping, as well. The Ferghettina, ‘Milledi,’ Brut is absolute heaven a bottle. From the notes of brioche and honey to the pure creaminess of the finish, this sparkling wine is the perfect way to begin or end your Thanksgiving celebration.

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