Flights of Fancy

Whether or not one prefers to take the stairs, we can all appreciate the virtues of a stunning staircase. Take, for example, the above project by Atlanta’s Trewin Homes. Who could possibly complain about making that climb?

The always-inspiring portfolio of Atlanta and New York-based Historical Concepts boasts numerous examples of staircases elevating incredible spaces, including this beautiful two-story stair hall found in a gorgeous Greek revival home. There’s so much to love about this image—the balustrade, the checkered floor, the striped settee…we’d step inside in a heartbeat.

With its clean, straight lines and simplicity, this space in a seaside getaway by Charleston’s Margaret Donaldson Interiors is so clean and bright, yet with its straw hat-bearing rack and gallery wall, still feels intimate.

Once again, Atlanta’s Historical Concepts proves that a staircase bearing beautiful details—and punctuated by great lighting—takes great design to new heights.

Beautiful curves, a swoon-worthy light fixture, and perfectly placed accents converge in this staircase seen in a lovely beachfront home by Atlanta’s McAlpine Booth & Ferrier. A step up from the usual indeed.

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