Embrace Equestrian Style

Traditional equestrian style has been influencing fashion for ages, and for good reason. Craftsmanship and attention to detail of the highest degree confer an easy sense of elegance, and provide the perfect backdrop for a touch of creativity. In honor of the Hampton Classic—one of the most stylish events on the equestrian calendar—kicking off yesterday, we’re celebrating our favorite ways riding style rules both in the ring and in everyday life.

Handsome hand-stitching. Taking a cue from the masters, we love classic pieces that have hand-stitched detailing—a sure sign of a find that will stand the test of time.

A touch of contrast. From a thread in a delightfully unexpected color to a coyly contrasting collar or cuff, this is a wonderful way to add a little personality to any ensemble.

The perfect amount of polish. Whether you’re preparing for a show or out for a stroll, nothing conveys confidence and sophistication like boots buffed to a high shine.

TSG Tip 119 by The Scout Guide Equestrian editor Molly Knott. Handbag by Pinnell Custom Leather in Crozet, VA.