Elegant Garden Elements

We’re devoting more and more attention to our gardens these days, and in addition to planting and pruning, we’re reassessing our ornamental elements. An elegant and lasting way to add color, height, and architectural interest, as this image of a space by Fairfield, Connecticut-based Devore Associates Landscape Architects shows, a beautiful and well-placed piece can make your landscape feel not just complete, but truly magical. Inspired by the secret garden shown above, we sought out some unique options from across the TSG network; here are a few of our favorites:


1 .French Painted Zinc Baptismal Font from Fireside Antiques in Baton Rouge, Louisiana // 2. Terra Cotta Urn & Plinth from FOUND in Houston, Texas // 3. Cast stone Garden Urn from Townhouse by Robert Brown in Atlanta, Georgia // 4. French Garden Urn from FOUND in Houston, Texas // 5. French Planter from South of Market in Charleston, South Carolina.