Bedside Bliss

It might seem like a strange compulsion, but we are constantly reimagining our bedside setup. Whether we’re hunting for the perfect matching nightstand set, searching for an option that affords storage while looking attractive (like the handsome chest of drawers in the space above by Atlanta’s McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier, which also happens to be the perfect height), or trying to find a solution for a tight space, the right piece of furniture can be oddly elusive. Then, of course, there are additional essentials—lighting; a place for a good book, fresh flowers, and a glass of water; and any other pieces that we prefer to have near us while we sleep. Given the fact that we spend roughly a third of our lives resting, it makes sense that we should take time to carefully consider our surroundings, so we sought out some inspiration from our network of experts.

Symmetry is always a beautiful thing. We adore the way the matching lamps and marble-topped nightstands mirror each other and echo the gilded piece above the bed in the space by New Orleans’s St. Romain Interiors (top). Meanwhile, the above scene by Savannah’s Mary Jo Bochner achieves wonderful balance through coordinating lighting and art as mismatched bedside tables offer an opportunity to play with height and scale.

How serene is this bedroom by Northern New Jersey-based Valerie Grant Interiors? The chinoiserie panels are just beautiful, as are the coordinating linens and accent pillows that add additional warmth and texture. And who wouldn’t love to wake up to lilies?

It’s hard to decide what we love most about the wonderfully eclectic space that Atlanta’s Barbara Westbrook has created above—the lighting, the bench topped with books, the stunning canopy and cozy-looking linens, the classic and simple table decor that could double as a still-life…this is bed perfection.

Sweet dreams are made of these neutral palettes and nature-inspired elements. Left, Dallas-based Collins Interiors (one of the parent design companies of Blue Print Store) employs clean lines and muted hues to create a gorgeous, functional space. Right, Memphis’s Sean Anderson Design marries similar textures in a beautiful bedside scene anchored by a dresser doing double duty.

Finally, this space by Sean Anderson Design laid our fears of never finding the perfect bedside table to rest thanks to a charming stool and a single sconce. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

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