Back-to-school Style, Part 2: Let's Hear It for the Boys

When shopping for kids, we admit to a tendency to gravitate toward the girls’ section, which is always filled with adorable animals, embellishments, and every shade of pink. However, the process of seeking out back-to-school items from throughout the TSG network left us with a newfound appreciation for boys’ attire—as the above look featuring a knit half zip sweater from Bella Bliss in Lexington, Kentucky, proves, with an abundance of patterns and just the right dose of preppiness, boys’ clothing can be every bit as exciting.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who is seven or seventy, you simply cannot go wrong the classics. We’re fans of back-to-school staples like a navy and blue stripe cardigan, available from Gigi’s Children’s Boutique in Naples, Florida; a standard blue oxford from Vann & Liv in Greenville, South Carolina; and Janie and Jack patchwork shorts and a pink oxford (if you’re in the Two Rivers, New Jersey area, pop into the Janie and Jack store at The Grove at Shrewsbury!).

More must-have back-to-school basics for boys: A Tea color block sweater (shown above, left; Goodnight Moon in Minneapolis carries the line) that is wonderfully versatile; a grey long sleeve henley from Gigi’s Children’s Boutique that would be a great layering piece; and the Bushwick Pant in “Gingerbread” available from Vann & Liv that will work year-round and go with everything.


And for a dose of fun, we adore “The Hound” sweater by Atelier/Child, a line that katebaby & KIDS in Aspen will soon carry. Here’s to starting the school year in style!

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