What's In Their Bag: TIME INSURANCE

Take a peek with us as we get a look at the inside some of our favorite women in Austin’s bags! Up first? The girls behind Time Insurance Agency. A true family business, Time Insurance Agency was founded in 1961 by retired navy pilot John P. Schuler, who passed the business to his son, John W. Schuler, in 1985. Today, the three girls alongside their dad run operations for the local insurance agency.

Business: Time Insurance Agency, Est. 1961 in Austin, Texas

Faces Behind the Business: The sister trio of Jennifer, Lauren and Michelle Schuler


The Bag: Proenza Schouler Suede Satchel.

She loves it because it’s got the vibe of a vintage bag, yet still holds an incredible amount of stuff in its many available pockets.

One Drop Diabetes Test Kit + Insulin | Since Jennifer is a Type 1 Diabetic, she always has her glucose test kit, insulin pen, and some kind of snack for lows. The test kit is from One Drop, a medical startup that has an office in Austin – a nod to her love of local businesses.

Time Insurance Hat |  The Texas weather is quite the challenge when it comes to predicting a forecast. Jennifer stays prepared by packing a hat. In her words, the hat is “great for a bad hair day, rain or those 105 degree days” …and always a bonus when you’re representing the brand, too.

Tula Skincare Protect & Glow SPF 30 – Her favorite sunscreen to reapply during the day (as it doesn’t leave any white residue) acts more like a gel, leaving a great glow to the skin. She’s not a big fan of makeup, but this is her way of making sure she looks fresh as she heads to all her various meetings.

AirPods | A longtime cord-loving headphoner, we’re proud to report that Jennifer has made the leap to airpods and calls them, “a game-changer”. The adaptation into modern day technology has made phone calls way more enjoyable for her, and as a pacer on the phone, she is a fan of the freedom. She also is big into podcasts and says walking while listening to podcasts—like The Second Life—keeps her moving freely without disturbing others.

Earplugs | She shared that the amount of earplugs in her bag is “actually embarrassing” but she recently started playing her drums again and keeps them in her bag for lessons and practice at the EastSide Music School. You can find her there a few times a week amongst a handful of super-talented 7-year-olds. Her earplugs remind her that you’re never too old to try something new or begin again.


The Bag: A true fashion icon, Lauren can be found in whatever bag she feels suits her that day.

Vital Proteins Hydration Packets | She loves these little packets because they are convenient, portable and offer her the ability to get her collagen and stay hydrated in one.

Sunglasses | Recently, Lauren discovered Roka glasses (a local Austin brand) and she’s really into the level of quality mixed with the fashion sense each pair has. Her favorite part of the glasses is the grip on them. It prevents slippage or the glasses falling off when you move around or bend over.

Revision Lipgloss | The entire Schuler family is a big fan of chapstick, but Lauren differs in that her preference is always lipgloss, and specifically the Revision brand “hands down”. She loves the hydration and that it’s filled with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. It’s the last thing she puts on before a meeting.

Business Cards | Like most of us, Lauren’s got her contact card in her bag at all times, but she’s especially excited to have these cards in tow after Time Insurance experienced a rebrand last year. She reminded us that it’s always at the most random times she meets someone, and as head of sales she always wants to be prepared to share her contact.


The Bag: The Naghedi Tote
*She’s obsessed with this bag and we thought it was worth noting that the founder of Naghedi is a woman who created the brand with a goal to end the constant need to update you bags all the time by creating something that is just as timeless and high quality.

Business Cards + Holder | In line with Michelle’s love of supporting female-founded brands (see, Naghedi) she also carries her Packed Party business card holder filled with Time Insurance cards.

Trader Joe’s Hand Lotion | She’s been told more than once that her hands are on the dryer side. She loves having this lotion on standby before meetings so the handshakes are no longer a worry!

Hair Ties/ Grip Socks | As a huge fan of afternoon Stretch Lab sessions (offering her a break from sitting at a desk all day), the hair ties and grip socks come in handy.

Shout Wipes | Truly our most relateable friend, Michelle spills coffee on herself every-time she wears white. The Shout Wipes come in handy whether it’s her 1st or 4th cup…

Time Insurance Pen | “you should always carry a pen”

Sunglasses (Emphasis on 2 pairs) | You can often find Michelle alongside her father, the President of Time Insurance, either at a meeting or on a road trip. After a good amount of time together, she learned that he will never remember his sunglasses and that he would always steal hers. She now packs two pairs, the Michelle pair and the John pair. Her current faves are the Gucci acetone aviator and her “John pair” is from Krewe.

Time Insurance Plushie Dog Toy | Michelle’s mini golden doodle is always in tow with her and the plushie dog toy helps with her need to be entertained. When she’s not sitting in someone’s lap at the office, you can find her squeaking this in her bed or getting someone to play tug-o-war.

 Time Insurance Agency offers coverage for personal and commercial coverages as well as surety bonds and continues to serve Austin and our neighbors down I-35 in San Antonio. To get a quote or learn more about the local insurance agency, visit them at Timeinsurance.com – and don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!