Tips for Hosting this Holiday Season

Tablescape by Gretchen & Gracie

One of the hallmarks of the time from Halloween to New Years is a calendar full of soirées, and the most memorable usually occur in someone’s decked home. If you long to throw a holiday party but the stress of it all is holding you back, you’re not alone. We reached out to local hosting experts, Gracie & Gretchen on how to host a casual gathering that’s low on stress and big on quality time, which is the whole point in the first place. Go ahead and gather your people, cue the tunes and rest easy knowing this sister duo has you prepared with their top tips.

Take time to prepare the food and set a beautiful table ahead of time so you can enjoy the festivities with your friends and family instead of slaving away while guests are present.

Greet your guests at the door and always offer them a drink. This helps with allowing for your guests feel comfortable and at ease in your home.

Ambiance is always best! Harsh lighting makes guests feel uncomfortable. Use a lot of lamp lighting and candles if you are hosting in the evening, and natural lighting (like opening of the blinds) for hosting during the daytime. 

Have music playing when guests arrive.

Don’t start on dishes until guests leave or the festivities have come to an end. This ensures guests feel the most comfortable and don’t feel rushed…remember you want to enjoy your company too.

About Gracie & Gretchen: A sister-duo from Brenham, Texas raised by a Texas hall of fame high school football coach (Glen West) and his wife, Julie West, who we’ve dubbed the queen of hosting after touring her fabulous home in Gruene, Texas. Julie spent over 20 years in Brenham as a “coach’s wife”, a term Gracie and Gretchen both embody now as wives of Westlake High School (Austin) and Johnson High School (San Antonio) football coaches.

From their mother and grandmothers, they’ve learned the importance of preparation when it comes to hosting, how to entertain in various environments and the true art of creating a welcome space to be with the people you love. Today, their business of helping others host is more important than ever as it slowly disappears as an art form. From the tablescapes themselves, to reviving the joy of gathering around a table with the ones you love through an organized and thought-out fashion, we’re grateful for their expertise.

You can find Gracie & Gretchen in Volume 11 of TSG next May and if you have a desire to learn how to host like the experts, you can contact them here.