When you're selling your home, the best deal lies in the details...

Read below for a story by Jillian Hogan of Jillian Hogan Homes

I’m going to tell you a story, but first we have to step over the threshold and back into the year 1990…

Last year, we were referred to a seller client who was looking to sell his custom built home after spending 30+ beautiful years living there. When we first walked into the property, we thought we had traveled back in time! You all remember the 90’s aesthetic of pink and blue coloring on countertops and carpet, patterned linoleum flooring and gold accents galore! This seller built this home in 1990 and kept everything the same way for 30 years in immaculate condition (seriously, those 30 year old carpets looked brand new.) Despite the amazing condition, we advised the seller that these styles and colors are just not what buyers are looking for in today’s market. The sellers, like anyone, were considering the return of investment for a full re-flooring and remodel of the kitchen, which is not cheap. But Jillian Hogan Homes stepped in and provided expertise that guaranteed the greatest ROI. Instead of fully remodeling these spaces, we guided them through making more cosmetic adjustments rather than structural updating. For example, the kitchen had beautiful quality wood cabinets – so no need to go about replacing them! We instead advised a re-paint to freshen up the look and to install quartz countertops. For flooring, we suggested the standard recarpeting of the home that we advise any sellers looking to freshen up their home before sale. We also recommended replacing the dated linoleum for a more trendy, yet durable and affordable option of luxury vinyl plank. Finally, we switched out some gold faucets for stainless steel and BOOM – feels like a new house already!

These gold star sellers then moved out, staged the home and we were ready to go live. In the end, these minor updates to their home really helped boost the market value of their listing. Rather than selling their original home to a potential flipper, they sold a move-in ready home to buyers who will cherish the home as much as the sellers did- a win/win!

Many of you have found your forever homes, spending many wonderful years and even decades on your property. But now, you might be looking to downsize or find a home that better fits your needs, so you stare down the barrel of selling. You may be looking at all of these swanky new builds popping up everywhere and going “My house doesn’t look like that!! I’ll have to gut this place if anyone is going to be interested in buying it!” This can feel super overwhelming and could lead you to making choices in redesigning your home that may end up costing you more than you profit! That’s where listing experts like Jillian Hogan Homes come in and make this process seamless, practical and ultimately more lucrative for you! Because guess who gets the scoop into what current buyers want to see and don’t want to see in their new homes? We do, as buyer agents. We have first hand knowledge on what buyers will be looking for when they tour your home like flooring, updated appliances, accents, etc. And when we know, you will be empowered with the knowledge that you don’t have to tear your home down to the studs to compete with these trendy homes. You can be right up there with them by making a few cosmetic tweaks!

If you have more questions or are thinking how you can make the best investment in your home sale, schedule a chat with us or give us a call. We are never too busy to assist you in all your real estate needs.

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