Storm Work and Clean Up with Monster Tree Service of Alexandria

Given the recent large storm on Saturday July 29th, Monster Tree Service of Alexandria is sharing some tips for being prepared!

This is a good example of a situation where if a “supplemental support system” had been in place on this Bradford Pear tree, this could likely have been avoided. 

Did you know?

Given their towering height, trees act as living lightning rods.

The extent of damage to the tree often correlates with moisture levels or sap in the tree and where it’s concentrated within the tree’s anatomy.

While the tree’s death is not absolute following the lighting strike, it does cause severe stress to it.

Scars caused by the strike can leave trees exposed and vulnerable to harmful pests and diseases.

Trees recovering from a lightening strike may require additional watering and nutrient treatments to help them get the resources they need to thrive.

Summer storms can be quick and aggressive, so make sure you are prepared, especially if you have larger trees on your property or near your home.  Monster Tree Service is committed to keeping your trees healthy to avoid problems like this so if you need help prepping your trees for storm season, give them a call!

And if Saturday’s storm or any storm has already caused problems at you or neighbor’s home or business, their Emergency Service is here to help 24/7!