Selecting the Right Agent to Sell Your Home: It's More Important Than You Think

Jillian from the Jillian Keck Hogan Group shares with us about the importance of finding the right agent to sell your home. Read what she has to say below:

Are you thinking of selling your home and interested in interviewing listing agents? If you answered “yes”, you might be wondering “what makes a good listing agent and what are the questions I should be asking to find the right one for me”. Oh, we are so glad you asked!

Here are a few suggestions of what you need to think about while you are interviewing an agent to list your home for sale.

1.  “What are you going to do besides put a sign in my yard and put it online?”

This is one of the most important questions you should ask because those two things are standard procedure for most agents. A standard agent is typically doing these two things for you unless you are securing a private/exclusive to keep your listing off the internet. And in this current market, checking off those two boxes just does not sell houses like it did during the pandemic. So, ask your interviewing agent what else they will do to make your home stand out amongst the rest. 

2. “What professional agent and community networks can you tap into to market our property?”

 A great agent will give you an exhaustive list of connections, including agent networks within and outside their brokerage, social media, local community outreach, and even print marketing (yes, Gen Z, we still use paper!). Despite some perceptions of the hustling, uber-competitive, cut-throat world of real estate (*cough, cough* Selling Sunset *cough, cough*), it’s actually not as rivalry-riddled as you think. Most Realtors actually collaborate with other agents both inside and outside of their brokerages in order to find their client the perfect opportunity! So, do not only look for an agent who boasts a big client base. Look for someone who also has strong networking ties to other brokerages and Realtors – because they all have buyers!

3. “What marketing platforms will you use to really push our home out in front of as many buyers as possible”.

More often than not, marketing can make or break a listing’s success on the market. The wider you cast your net (ie: via social media, internal brokerage communications, external agent/brokerage networks, the agent’s client sphere and even your own neighbors), the more prospective buyers you are reaching. Word of mouth is the ultimate advertisement, so your agent needs to make sure your home is the talk of the town!

4. “What strategies do you implement for listings that have been sitting on the market?”

Statistics right now are showing that listings are sitting at least a week, maybe even two, longer than they were a year ago. Say your home has been on the market for three weeks. What is that agent going to do to restructure the marketing plan for your home in order to keep it feeling fresh and enticing to buyers? When would they introduce a price adjustment or credit incentive? You will want to understand their comprehensive marketing plan for stagnant listings, but also the agent should provide personal success stories of their previous listings that followed their strategy and walked away with a satisfied seller. 

So, now you have a handful of questions to bring to the table when you decide to interview a listing agent to sell your home. If you have any questions or are interested in interviewing an agent for the opportunity to list your house, you know the Jillian Keck Hogan Group is always here for you!