Scout Is Out - V9 Launch Party Recap

Last week we gathered at Hotel AKA, the most chic & elegant new Hotel in in Alexandria, to celebrate the launch of Volume 9! The party theme was “Palm Royale” and the guests were asked to dress in fun, colorful, looks inspired by Palm Springs in the 60’s and let me tell you, these party goers served the looks! The rainy weather threw us for a loop this year with a last minute change in location plans but that didn’t stop us! We wanted to do things a little differently this year and not have the guide visible upon arrival and instead do a big reveal once people started to arrive. Guests were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne and escorted over to the hotel lounge on the left, while little did they know, the guide and all the party decor was hidden on the other side at the bar. After an incredible reveal using a hotel luggage cart, hot pink vintage luggage & an amazing “Palm Royale” inspired performance by the lovely ladies of Candescent Talent, guests were then led to “real” party on the other side of the hotel at their Lounge and Bar. We can’t thank Hotel AKA enough for hard work creating stunning spreads of appetizers, delicious passed hors d’oeuvres and amazing signature cocktails for our guests to enjoy! The food and drinks were out of this world!

After the big reveal, our guide was on display throughout the party on table tops, on book shelves and created into art thanks to Petal’s Edge Floral Design. They created a palm tree made out of guides and even a stunning floral pineapple! The teal color really made for a fun pop and kept things bright, fun and on theme with the Palm Beach vibe. We were also so happy to be able to show off one of our lovely clients, Stitched by NPK, embroidery work with on theme cocktail napkins throughout the party. The whole space was scattered with bright pink florals by Petals Edge as well as some fun rentals including a cabana inspired umbrellas and a hot pink pegboard behind the bright teal bar from Something Vintage. This was one of our favorite parts of the party this year, thanks to Passport Auto for sponsoring these fun teal “Live, Love, Local” keychains that our guests were able to take home with them as a party favor. Our Photo Booth was a real hit, had a very fun vibe to it thanks to the colorful and amazing installation by Brightly Ever After, and digital photos and GIFs done by EyeObee Photobooth, who helped us for the 3rd year in a row!

Members were able to pick up their personalized copy of the guide, with calligraphy by Laura Hooper Design House. The dance floor came alive thanks to DJ XAVI, his fun cabana inspired DJ booth by Voile and Veil was a really fun touch and his DJ set had our guests dancing until the bitter end of the party. Not only did Candecent Talent help with our big Palm Royale inspired reveal at the beginning of the party, they also came back for a fourth year to entertain our guests as she did a fire breathing performance on the terrance as the day turned to night which was so fun for all our guests to enjoy!

The night was truly one to remember and a wonderful celebration of the launch of Volume 9. We’re so proud to introduce you to our new members over the next few months and hope you will continue to follow along and support these wonderful small businesses.

Huge thank you to Emily from Simply Bold Events and byAddison for helping us bring our “Palm Royale” vision to life, they truly thought of every detail which made for the most memorable night. We could not have done this without them!

Collaboration, support and working together is how communities thrive and this party is a small celebration for these people and all they do. This party is also our way of bringing people together to form friendships, business relationships and an overall love for this town we call home. We had a blast throwing this party and hope that you will enjoy the photos of all the amazing work by our vendors. Please scroll to the bottom for a list of our vendors and sponsors! We can’t thank them enough for helping us create this epic evening and event to celebrate all the amazing people within our community! Cheers to Volume 9!

A vintage blue car adorned with a floral arrangement on its roof is parked outside the Hotel AKA, a modern building with an arched entrance that evokes an elegant atmosphere aligned with The Scout Guide's penchant for style and luxury.
A vibrant and eclectic room featuring a whimsical decor that includes a yellow curved sofa adorned with colorful pillows, tropical-themed accents, and two decorative flamingos positioned nearby. An oversized planter with pink and purple feather-like leaves adds an artistic flair alongside a stacked pile of blue and white books. The space is sheltered by a chic, white umbrella with red trimming, complementing the playful ambiance. Artistic framed works hang on green walls, adding a cultured touch to the setting, which could be featured in The Scout Guide for its unique and lively design elements.
A vibrant and eclectic interior space captured by The Scout Guide, featuring a tall stack of blue and white books topped with an explosive arrangement of colorful faux palms. A red flamingo sculpture stands next to a round coffee table, complementing the bold cushion designs on a green upholstered chair. Framed artworks add a touch of elegance against the backlit translucent display cabinets.
A decorative arrangement on a table featuring a collection of teal The Scout Guide Alexandria volumes fanned out in a semi-circle with a small bouquet of pink and red flowers and green foliage in a white vase at the center.
Decorative display for The Scout Guide featuring a blue backdrop with the title in red script, framed by clusters of red and white balloons, with tropical palm leaves and golden accents. A pink semi-circular sign reading VOL.9 adds a finishing touch at the bottom.
A stack of turquoise-colored books titled The Scout Guide Alexandria Virginia with a seal emblem centered on the covers, arranged on a dark textured surface next to a white napkin featuring an embroidered design of the same emblem. Flowers are partially visible at the corner of the frame.
A wooden arched display stand filled with rows of The Scout Guide books, featuring teal covers with red and gold motifs, set in an interior space with a curved window in the background.
A stylish woman in a colorful paisley dress, blue sunglasses, and turquoise earrings stands next to a light blue vintage car adorned with a vibrant display of flowers on the roof. The scene exudes a chic and upbeat vibe, perfectly capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's commitment to showcasing local charm and sophistication.
A woman with a cheerful expression is seated on an olive green couch in a stylishly decorated room, creating a lively scene reminiscent of The Scout Guide. She wears a colorful patterned dress that evokes a sense of playfulness, complemented by bright lime green heels. A decorative pink flamingo, a tropical leaf patterned pillow, and a chic beaded handbag add to the vibrant ambiance of the setting.
A woman with sunglasses and a summery outfit smiles while seated behind a blue counter with a backdrop featuring a pattern of water droplets, next to oversized coral letters spelling "TSG" as part of a stylish The Scout Guide event.
A vibrant display featuring a collection of blue hotel-style key fobs with the phrase "LIVE LOVE local" affixed on a red pegboard, conveying community spirit with a nod to The Scout Guide's local support motif.
A turquoise table displays The Scout Guide with a pale blue cover featuring gold and red accents, partially obscured by a ceramic bowl filled with blue key tags inscribed with "Live Love Local" promoting local loyalty and community engagement.
An elegant arrangement of pink and red blooms crafted into a large pineapple shape, adorned with striking blue leaves at the top, stands as a centerpiece on a round table. The Scout Guide. The setting includes modern furniture with a backdrop of art-lined walls within a room featuring a sophisticated interior design.
An elegantly draped booth with sheer white curtains, featuring a table with a sign that reads "The Scout Guide" in prominent pink lettering. The setup includes a laptop and speakers, suggesting a gathering or event presentation area.
Two women standing under a decorative umbrella at an event, smiling for the camera. One is dressed in a vibrant yellow dress with feather details on the sleeves, and the other is wearing a black and white patterned off-shoulder dress. Both are accessorized with clutches and heels, exuding elegance that resonates with The Scout Guide’s emphasis on style and community.
Books from The Scout Guide displayed on clear, glass shelving, offering a clean and modern presentation of the vibrant aqua-colored covers with red and gold accents.
Large illuminated letters "TSG" adorned with festive balloons and decorations, showcased in a dimly lit space with reflective glass doors, embodying the elegant spirit of The Scout Guide events.
A woman in a colorful paisley print dress and sunglasses is posing playfully in front of a decorative backdrop featuring the text "The Scout Guide" surrounded by clusters of red and white balloons with hints of tropical foliage. The backdrop has a blue sky motif with whimsical star shapes and a dynamic brown and white geometric pattern to one side. Her look is complemented by statement earrings and a chic white handbag.
A group of five women, elegantly dressed in stylish summer attire with floral patterns and bright colors, pose together smiling in a social gathering at an indoor venue. Their diverse outfits range from a green dress to patterned full-length and knee-high dresses, complemented by chic footwear. In the background, other guests enjoy conversation, highlighted by the warm ambient lighting that adds to the inviting atmosphere of the event, possibly associated with The Scout Guide.
Two women at a social event related to The Scout Guide, one speaking into a microphone and the other holding a champagne flute, both dressed in vibrant, retro-inspired outfits, standing indoors against a wooden backdrop.
A person dressed in an elaborate white costume featuring feathers, gold accents, and a striking, ornate headpiece stands poised in a dramatic setting suggestive of The Scout Guide's penchant for showcasing unique and creative themes.
A woman dances confidently in a modern space, her pose embodying the vibrant energy of The Scout Guide lifestyle. She wears a shimmering purple jacket, a white skirt, and silver heels, highlighting a sense of bold elegance. Her raised arms and joyous expression reflect a carefree spirit.
Two performers are posing exuberantly next to a cart with vibrant pink suitcases against a dark, tiled floor, reminiscent of the lively spirit found in The Scout Guide. One is dressed in a white costume with feather details, while the other shines in a sequined pink outfit, both evoking a sense of glamour and adventure. A central arrangement with lush florals and exotic feathers adds to the scene's festive elegance.
A person in a blonde wig with red lipstick posing with an open pink suitcase that reveals books labeled 'Alexandria' inside. Feather details and a flower arrangement contribute to an elaborate, The Scout Guide themed setup.
Two women sharing a moment of laughter while standing in front of a display case with 'The Scout Guide Alexandria' books. The woman on the left, holding a glass of wine, wears a colorful patterned dress that complements her joyful demeanor. The woman on the right, also holding a drink, sports a halterneck dress with a vibrant abstract print and white platform boots, adding to the lively atmosphere of the scene.
A lavish charcuterie spread featuring an assortment of cured meats, various cheeses, fresh berries, and dried fruits elegantly presented on wooden boards and platters, with breadsticks and crackers arrayed for easy access, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on curated local luxury and artisanal quality.
Three women stand smiling together at a social event, possibly related to The Scout Guide. The woman on the left wears a strapless, multicolored dress, the woman in the middle sports an orange two-piece ensemble, and the woman on the right is clad in a long-sleeve pink dress. They are all wearing high heels. A decorative backdrop with flowers and a red trolley cart enhance the vibrant, celebratory atmosphere of the scene.
Five women dressed in vibrant, floral-patterned outfits standing side-by-side with warm smiles at an upscale indoor event, encapsulating the elegance and diverse styles featured in The Scout Guide.
A lively gathering of elegantly dressed individuals under a large, cloud-like lighting installation, evoking a sense of connection and celebration akin to The Scout Guide's community focus.
A woman in a pink dress is browsing through a rack of The Scout Guide books at an event while a man in a blue checkered suit stands nearby.
Two individuals lounging on a sofa with one reading 'The Scout Guide' while the other gazes at a phone, with colorful cocktails and a bright orange bag on the table in a stylish, dimly-lit room.
Elegant catering setup featuring an array of canapés topped with smoked salmon and vibrant garnishes, accompanied by shot glasses of green smoothie, reflecting the refined entertaining showcased in The Scout Guide.
Three women are engaged in a social gathering in a modern lounge setting, where one is perusing The Scout Guide. They are seated in designer blue chairs around a contemporary glass table adorned with vibrant flowers. In the background, warm lighting and urban reflections create an inviting atmosphere.
Four women dressed in stylish, colorful summer outfits with unique patterns pose together at an event, exuding confidence and camaraderie captured in The Scout Guide style. They are accessorized with boots, sandals, and a wicker basket purse, complementing their vibrant attire. Each holds a drink, adding a relaxed and social atmosphere to the scene.
Four individuals enjoying a social gathering, with one person holding a copy of The Scout Guide and pointing at text within it, as they share a joyful moment filled with laughter and engaging conversation. Each person is dressed smartly, contributing to a vibrant and lively atmosphere.
A lavish assortment of gourmet desserts elegantly displayed on a counter as part of The Scout Guide culinary experience. The spread includes a selection of chocolate-dipped strawberries, intricately garnished pastries, and assorted sweetbites, accompanied by clear glass tumblers and a background that hints at a bustling social atmosphere. A person in a vibrant red patterned outfit adds a touch of color and movement to the scene, reflecting a sophisticated and lively event.
A lively gathering of elegantly dressed individuals at a bar, with a focus on communal interaction and the upscale atmosphere that embodies the essence of The Scout Guide's lifestyle.
Two women standing confidently next to each other outdoors, illuminated by ambient light with a cozy urban backdrop. The woman on the left is wearing a bright red, pleated dress with flowing sleeves, accessorized with a subtle necklace and tan platform shoes. The woman on the right is sporting a floral dress in pastel shades with blue tights and vibrant blue shoes, complemented by a large ring. Both are smiling at the camera, exuding the stylish essence and community spirit of The Scout Guide.
A person in a dynamic pose wearing a white feathered outfit with blond hair, red lipstick, and fishnet stockings is standing in front of a large abstract painting, capturing the expressive and fashionable essence of The Scout Guide style.
Two women smiling and posing for a photo at a social event, both holding drinks, one in a floral green dress with a beige woven bag, the other in a solid light blue blouse, embodying the stylish community spirit of The Scout Guide.
Three women are smiling and posing together at an event with The Scout Guide, surrounded by vibrant decor including palms and balloons. The woman on the left holds a publication from The Scout Guide Alexandria, the middle woman clutches a wine glass, and the one on the right is accessorized with sunglasses, all dressed in colorful, patterned attire suggestive of a spirited and stylish gathering.
A vibrant social gathering, possibly a part of The Scout Guide community, with people engaged in conversation and clad in stylish floral attire seated around tables adorned with tropical decor and sipping on beverages. A few individuals stand mingling, providing an atmosphere of an elegant and lively event.
Three women posing together at a social event, with one in a colorful striped dress, another in green swimwear with a floral print, and the third in a green satin suit. Capturing moments reminiscent of The Scout Guide's vibrant community lifestyle.
Five women posing together at a festive event with tropical decor and balloons, standing in front of a backdrop with The Scout Guide branding. They are dressed elegantly and holding copies of The Scout Guide Alexandria, smiling and enjoying the celebration.
Two glasses with mixed drinks garnished with orange slices and straws, resting on top of a stack of The Scout Guide books with teal spines displayed on a black shelf.
Four women dressed in stylish summer attire, smiling and posing for a photo at an outdoor event associated with The Scout Guide. Each one is holding an accessory, including a clutch, a Tiffany & Co. bag, and a booklet, adding to the elegant and cheerful atmosphere of the gathering.
Three women joyfully posing next to a vintage blue car adorned with a colorful flower arrangement on the roof, capturing the festive spirit and elegance that resonate with The Scout Guide ethos. The night scene compliments their vibrant dresses and cheerful toasts, highlighting a moment of stylish celebration.
A performer at The Scout Guide event captivating the audience with a dramatic fire dance, wearing an elaborate sparkling costume that glistens against the night, while onlookers watch in amazement from behind glass doors.
A person in a bejeweled costume is kneeling and reaching out towards a radiant light effect reminiscent of a firework display against a brick wall backdrop, capturing a moment of dramatic expression, as if guiding the light, creating a visual connection with The Scout Guide's essence of discovery and spotlighting unique experiences.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Balian Springs: @baliansprings

stadlerdesign: @stadlerdesign_architechture

Ferguson: @fergusonshowrooms

Passport Auto: @passportauto

Thank you to our Vendor Team:

Host: @tsgalexandria

Venue, Food & Drink: @hotelaka.alexandria

Event Design/Planning: @simplyboldevents @byaddison

Florals: @petalsedgedc

Balloons & Photobooth Installations: @brightlyeverafter

Rentals: @smthingvintage

Linens: @dceventrentals

Calligraphy: @laurahooperdesignhouse

Beer: @aslinbeerco

Wine: @blumwines

Photo Booth: @eyeobeephotobooth

DJ: City Socials LLC @djxavidc

DJ Booth: @voileandveildc

Talent: @candescent_talent

Cocktail Napkins: Stitched by NPK

Lighting: @ampaevents

Videography: @brandon97c @mcenearneyassociates

Photography: @emmaweissphoto