Monster Tree Service - Soil Health Care

Read below for some insight from Monster Tree Service on Soil Health Care and how they can best help you!

Soil health is one of the most important factors in the care of your landscaping. Your soil is home to not just plant roots, but an entire ecosystem that contributes to the health of your trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, lawn, and more.

It takes more than fertilization to promote the health of your soil. At Monster Tree Service of Alexandria, we believe in a holistic approach to plant health care that begins in the soil.

When you sign up for our regularly scheduled soil care services, your landscaping will be supported at the root. We don’t just fertilize trees; we focus on building the best environment for all soil organisms to function as mother nature designed. Mother Nature perfects it, Monster Tree Service protects it. We address plant health care concerns by encouraging soil biodiversity, mitigating soil compaction, addressing nutrition problems, and more.

Our experts use their years of knowledge and experience to tailor amendments and treatments to your climate, soil type, and species, resulting in soil that’s perfectly tuned to your landscaping.

Within a season, most customers see tangible results, including better moisture retention, improved soil structure, and a reduction in their need for fertilizers and pesticides.

You’ll receive a customized soil management plan that includes:

  • A soil sample analysis: We’ll analyze your soil before we recommend amending soil, using a mechanical treatment, or adding fertilization. This baseline provides the framework for ongoing care.
  • Routine inspections: Our arborists will mark progress and adjust soil treatments accordingly while detecting and addressing any signs of disease or pests.
  • Quarterly or seasonal soil treatments: A seasonal fertilizer schedule in addition to regularly applied soil amendments will help your trees, shrubs, and plants thrive season to season, year to year.
  • Targeted services: Whether we are addressing a visible problem or encouraging robust growth, we collaborate with you to meet your goals for your trees and landscaping.
  • Focus efforts on ailing plants: If any of your trees show signs of stunted growth, disease, or deficiency, we’ll adjust our plan for amendments and fertilizers to focus on deficiencies and support.

When you take advantage of Soil Health Care services you’ll receive exclusive perks, including:

  • In-Depth Tree and Plant Health Inspections
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 10% Off Treatments When You Pre-Pay for the Year

Are you ready to receive year-round specialized treatment services from expert arborists who know your trees, shrubs, and plants from root to crown?

When you invest in your soil health, you invest in years of beautiful, healthy plants. Invest in your soil today for lasting care and maintenance for your landscaping.

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