Get to Know Stephanie and Meredith of Moxie Hair Studio

Welcome Stephanie and Meredith of Moxie Hair Studio – the cutest new salon in Old Town brought to you by this adorable best friend duo. We are thrilled about this addition to Volume 8 and can’t wait to share about Stephanie and Meredith below!

We are both small town girls! Stephanie grew up just south of Richmond, and Meredith grew up in a tiny VA farming town right on the North Carolina border. 10 years ago, Stephanie moved up to Northern Virginia and now lives in Alexandria with her husband, her two kids and a goofy pup; and Meredith lives in Fairfax City with her daughter Amelie, who is a 3-foot raccoon, and little dog, Georgia. 

We met in 2015 while working for a boutique salon in Arlington.  Meredith was a senior stylist when Stephanie joined the salon, and Meredith showed her the tricks of the trade. It wasn’t long, however, until Stephanie got the itch to open her own salon, a life-long dream.  She started small, with a one chair studio, but when looking to expand, she knew who would be the perfect business partner – Meredith! Together they dreamed up a space that would become Moxie – quaint, cozy, and inviting.  Clients feel heard, and the women behind the chairs know how to inspire confidence. 

Relationships are our reason for being. Our clients and stylists mean everything to us, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to evolve together. We’ve seen their milestones, and they’ve seen ours. You should have seen the day that Nancy, who has been a dear client of Meredith’s since she was a student at the Aveda Institute, walked through the doors at Moxie for the first time. It was an ugly-cry sight to behold!  And Alexia has been with Stephanie for years,  and through some major milestones, like studying for her boards, and beginning her career in law.  Just this past summer, she invited Stephanie to do her hair for her wedding in France! 

Meredith’s first real job was as a shampoo assistant while she was in college, planting the seed for things to come.

Stephanie’s was as a dance teacher (and she was an NFL cheerleader, you know!).  We’re not entirely sure how this connects to owning a salon, but somehow it does!

Meredith loves to cook anything vegetarian, especially if it’s impractical and time-consuming. Stephanie’s favorite meal is anything impractical and time-consuming, as long as her husband is cooking it.