Get to Know Nakia of Stitched by NPK

Meet Nakia P. Kelly, the heart behind Stitched by NPK. Known for her warm personality, creativity and being resourceful, Nakia is the person you can call when you’re looking for the perfect gift or need someone to execute the details. After years of a career in event planning, Nakia decided to follow her passion and immerse herself into the world of embroidery. She is from bayou state of Louisiana and currently lives in Bethesda, MD.

How/why did you start your business? Growing up in the south, I’ve always had a love for embroidery and monograms. I started embroidering by hand because I needed to calm down and relax. During the pandemic I turned on my machine for the first time and never looked back. Stitched by NPK started as a hobby and officially opened the spring of 2022.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever received? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it! 

If you could choose to do anything for the day, what would it be? A Pre-K teacher!  It’s amazing to see children grow academically and socially. They are truly magical human beings!!!

Favorite/most rewarding part about your business? I love being a part of some of life’s most important moments: graduations, weddings, new babies, etc. 

List of favorites – 

Music – I love all genres – country, pop, hip-hop, and the blues. My all time favorite is 90’s R&B! 

Mealcook or order in? Order in, for sure! 

Drink – Margarita with no salt 

Book – Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for books these days.  

Movie – Steel Magnolias

Tv series – Law & Order SVU and Organized Crime  

Vacation spot – Mexico 

Item of clothing – Loungewear or pajamas 

Season – the Fall 

Holiday – Christmas and Mardi Gras (in the state of Louisiana, it’s a major holiday) 

Sports team – New Orleans Saints – Who Dat? 

Hobby – Arts & Crafts

Pet – cat or dog person? Dog, but I don’t own one 

Morning person or night owl? Morning