Get to Know Dr. Angela Austin of Little Dental Studio

Another amazing addition to Volume 8 is Dr. Angela, from Little Dental Studio – the cutest pediatric dental studio that is perfect for introducing your little one to the dentist in a fun way! Learn more about Dr. Angela in our next new member introduction below!

I’m from a suburb of Chicago: Aurora, Illinois. I’m married with 3 children ages: 3, 6, and 9. We have a Rottweiler named Roxie 🙂 We currently reside in Burke, VA. I’ve lived in Florida, A quick New York minute, Philadelphia, Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia 🙂

How/Why’d you start your business?

My mission for Little Dental Studio stemmed from years of practicing and not having enough time with the children that came into our offices, when it came to prevention and education. I had a vision of creating a subspecialty office where we focus more on preventive measures, dental health education, and coordination with allied professionals when it comes to speech, breathing, airway, and overall wellness. At Little Dental Studio, our goal is to catch and prevent issues before they arise. If they have already arose, we have the formula to gently treat each patient with ease, kindness, and competency. We subspecialize in treating children ages 5 and younger and also for older kids with high dental anxiety. If children fall outside of these situations and would like a slower, more educational approach to dental visits, we also welcome them.

I currently also own Alexandria Children’s Dentistry-two different locations. My life has been so enriched being an owner of these practices because I’ve been able to implement my own values and high ethical standards into a practice that treats children. Children are so precious and I’ve worked my entire career taking this delicate moment in my patient’s lives seriously, as I know it’s a blessing that their parents have chosen me to be their health care provider. It’s a responsibility that I’ve been honored to have. 

Work Life Balance: Now this, I am still trying to figure out 9 years after having our first child. I had work life balance down to a tee prior to having children. But children have a way of taking OVER! 🙂 With three young children, my husband and I realized that we needed adult time. We recently started weekly date nights, and it’s given us something to really look forward to, and a time to unwind and focus on each other. Faith and spirituality is also very important to me. My faith, meditation and mindfulness has carried out in so many aspects of my life that I’m able to stay mindful and grounded pretty well while having 3 businesses and 3 children and a husband :).

What can we find you in your down time? Okay, so I am the ultimate introverted-extrovert. I know when I’ve exhausted my interpersonal communication and I need to go within. So when I need my me time, …I need my me time. I have been obsessed with self-help books since I was a teenager….literally my favorite section of a bookstore. And now it’s carried into Wellness podcasts, and audible books. I don’t have as much time to read anymore due to my current lifestyle. But sitting anywhere-from driving in my car, to sitting on our porch, to taking a walk….I live for a wellness podcast. I’m currently very much interested in Neuroscience and the plasticity of the brain and our infinite potential as human beings 🙂

What motivates you to work hard?

Oh that’s easy. My children. I had the benefit of having two amazing parents who worked hard. They are truly my heroes. I was raised with the thought: “How you do one thing, is how you do everything”. So, what’s the point of showing up if you’re not giving your best?  I’ve also had the benefit that I like to work. I enjoy it. So when I found a career that doesn’t even feel like “work”, but challenges me on a daily basis, I truly found my sweet spot. I understand that we live in an age of everyone wanting a “soft life” and while this sounds wonderful, and there are absolutely times where I slow down and wind all the way down….it’s also important to know your role in this world. And if your role (like mine) is to impact as many people as you can in a positive way, then there’s a time and place to work hard, and there’s a time and place to slow down. Balance is key, and what I think we all strive for.