Fall Styling with ALH Style

This seasons trends are practical and adaptable, not mention spin-offs of the most classic styles. ALH Style is all for it! Here are some of the latest trends she is loving and why.


Give me chic and simple. That’s all I want in my closet. You can have a wardrobe filled with statement pieces and prints, but if you want clothes to endure the ups and downs of fashion trends tailored pieces will deliver. Not only can you wear trousers and a blazer together, you can easily pair either option with a statement piece. Clean lines and good tailoring will forever balance the “fun” stuff in your wardrobe. Bonus, you’ll never get tired of these workhorses. 

Chocolate Brown

All of the sudden I want brown boots, a brown bag, even brown tones in the jewels in my jewelry. Maybe it’s the Ralph Lauren chic I so admire? Chocolate brown has the undertone of elegant that we all need in our closets. Find something chocolate this season and I promise you’ll cherish it. 

Slingback Heels

This is the “it” shoe of the season. Says me. I am seeing it everywhere and I am convinced that fills a hole in everyones wardrobe. You can almost instantly take an outfit from dowdy to fierce with these suckers. Wear with a dress, a skirt, trousers or jeans this fall and they will add that sliver of sexy / feminine to your look!