ChatGPT and Real Estate: What's the connection?

Jillian Hogan shares her take on this topic below:

As we all know, ChatGPT is the new shiny toy taking the internet and professional world by storm, while at the same time stirring up quite the controversy in particular fields. While some see it as a monumental achievement in the world of artificial intelligence development, others perceive it as a numbing of human creativity and expression. Schools have enhanced plagiarism policies banning students from using the platform, writers have gone on strike in the entertainment industry for fear of being replaced by a chat bot, and countless other headlines we’ve seen in recent weeks.

So, how does it affect the world of real estate? Will AI take over the jobs of Realtors?

Well, from a marketing perspective, it’s a godsend. All realtors know that amongst all the contracts and walkthroughs and showings, creative endeavors like creating catchy slogans and writing up clever listing remarks can fall by the wayside. Enter ChatGPT, a platform that can take a simple command like “create a slogan for a real estate summer gift” and generate 25 unique slogans almost instantaneously (speaking from experience). And boy, does that save a lot of brain space for more client support! Despite this convenience, people worry that the increased use of AI systems like ChatGPT will take away the humanity from various professions.

So, want my take on it? Real estate has been and will always be an industry based on human relation and connection. In order to build trust between a client, new lead or another agent, you have to be able to relate to one another and show your humanity. This is one thing that AI could never replicate: the “feeling” in real estate. The feeling of walking your client through their dream home, the feeling of sitting down with them at the settlement table on closing day, the feeling of knowing your did right by your clients. An AI can’t relate to those experiences, so they won’t be able to cater to the clients’ specific needs and relate to them by giving experiential advice.

So, are realtors worried about ChatGPT taking over their jobs? Thankfully, no. This is a people business, so we are gonna stick around and help you find your dream home, even when the robots take over. 😉