A Presidential Bid

In anticipation of election day, as is their tradition, The Potomack Company is holding its Presidential, Political & Historical Auction on Saturday, November 5. Regardless of one’s political leanings, the collection of unique and elegant items that will be for sale are worth perusing. 

Prized pieces from the Georgetown home President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy inhabited prior to Kennedy’s presidency are available, including a pair of outdoor sconces; a garden fountain; and a chandelier/hall lantern personally purchased (and treasured) by Jacqueline Kennedy that was accidentally left in the home following its sale to Perry and Dale Ausbrook in 1961. Correspondence between Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Ausbrook about whether the chandelier might be returned to its previous owner is also available.

“My sister and I bought it in London for £50 – and she gave it to me as a housewarming present. It was the first thing we had in that house – except ourselves and our baby daughter when we moved there….I have such a sentimental attachment to it – as I do for the house,” Mrs. Kennedy writes in a letter to Mrs. Ausbrook regarding her “sweet little chandelier.”  She describes being unable to oversee the move from 3307 N. Street NW to the White House due to her husband’s inauguration and the premature birth of her son, and how this resulted in the wrong fixture going into storage while her beloved chandelier was left in the house. 

In addition to the items from the Georgetown home, an assortment of furnishings from the Camelot era, including pieces from the Kennedys’ Middleburg retreat, Glen Ora, are also on offer; highlights include an antique bed and two Louis XV parquetry commodes from Mrs. Kennedy’s bedroom at the Hunt Country estate. 

History and politics buffs will have much to choose from beyond Jackie and JFK’s belongings. An autograph album bearing the signatures of presidents from George Washington to Franklin Roosevelt is up for bidding, as well as a set of Civil War Documents, a variety of lithographs, plenty of political memorabilia, rare books, antique furnishings and accessories, and more (you can view the entire auction catalogue on The Potomack Company’s website). Whether you favor red or blue, the stately and storied pieces available will add a presidential air to your surroundings and spark conversations for years to come. 

Images courtesy Potomack Company. Learn more about the upcoming auction at potomackcompany.comFrances Krongard, Baltimore-Annapolis Potomack Representative, is featured in The Scout Guide Baltimore & Annapolis.