A Celebration of Spring

Sunday marked the first day of spring, a season that is particularly spectacular here in TSG HQ’s hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, so we decided to celebrate. In addition to more daylight hours and an abundance of beautiful blooms, the season will bring an extensive slate of new releases and our second TSG editor conference, so yesterday evening we decided to kick it off in style with a spring soiree complete with cocktails and flower crowns.

To prep for the party, we created moss pincushions for loops of floral wire in Jefferson cups (available from the shop at Monticello), so when the headquarters crew gathered in the courtyard outside our office all we had to do was get creative.

We fashioned the bases from our crowns with floral tape and flowers from various local sources, and clipped the blooms off of hydrangeas for people to add on as extras.

TSG Charlottesville editor Heather Sieg’s delicate wreath (she opted for decor over a crown) turned out beautifully.

We kept the food and beverages simple. Cheese boards, coconut macaroons, buttered radishes, rose, and sparkling water. (Note: You can find the glass pictured above at Charlottesville’s Roxie Daisy.)

The hydrangeas proved to be a perfect choice for the crowns due to their pretty shape and weightlessness (pro tip: if you use roses, be prepared to balance them out as they’re quite heavy on a crown!).

We dressed the tables in linens from Mi Ossa. Team members were encouraged to bring their own scissors for clipping blooms.

Clockwise from top left: hurricanes held carnations and roses for people to incorporate into their crowns // production manager Kate Colfelt in her creation // senior graphic designer Marigold Haske (left) and digital production assistant Robin Verrier (right) demonstrate their headwear-making skills // managing director Lily West models her rose-adorned craft.

It was a beautiful evening and a fun way to feed our creativity at the beginning of a busy season. Spring is such an inspiring time, and the activity allowed us to both bring the outdoors in and take the indoors out, making us excited for more outdoor gatherings in the coming months that we look forward to sharing!

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