5 Eyewear Trends for 2019

More and more, people seem to be expressing themselves through their eyewear, taking glasses far beyond the realm of functional necessity and squarely into the category of chic accessory. From sunglasses to prescription frames to readers, stylish spectacles are becoming a must among the fashionable set, so we recently chatted with Hannah Schauer, Francesca Santi, and Meghan Hall, lead opticians at the high-end, Asheville, North Carolina-based optical shop L’optique, about the eyewear trends that will be taking off in 2019. Read on for their picks, and prepare to be inspired to invest in some new frames.

70s shapes. We’re starting to see a renaissance of the square, chunky shape that was ubiquitous throughout the 1970s, according to Schauer, Santi, and Hall. The lines L’optique carries, such as Anne et Valentin, are adding a contemporary twist to the vintage square silhouette through novel materials and translucent and color-popping finishes. See the trend in action on L’optique’s Instagram.

Crystal clear frames. For the true style connoisseur, crystal frames in a variety of rainbow-like colors are all the rage. “These translucent, chunky frames are being paired with matching fashion-tinted lens for a unique monochrome look,” our experts report. A couple of popular combinations include pink-tinted lenses matched with a pink acetate frame, or pale green lenses paired with a similarly colored frame. Luckily, there is a wide range of options for wearers who are willing to step a little bit out of their comfort zone. See the trend in action on L’optique’s Instagram.

Petite profiles. For many years, styles have been fashionably oversized, the experts of L’optique share. But as trends are wont to do, the pendulum in now swinging in the opposite direction. Many European and handmade companies are starting to produce a lot of petite metal frames, especially in round variations. Departing from typical circles and ovals, these new shapes have a bit of an angular edge that give a fresh spin to a classic. See the trend in action on L’optique’s Instagram.

Statement sunnies. The statement sunglasses trend will continue for at least the foreseeable future, according Schauer, Santi, and Hall, who note that styles like exaggerated cat eyes, oversized aviators, fashion tints, and geometric shapes are just a few trends among the playful styles that are popping up. Shapes are also moving beyond modern to downright futuristic, with styles as out there as the wearer is willing to go. See the trend in action on L’optique’s Instagram.

Blue light blockers. By now we’ve learned about the damaging effects of the blue light emitted from our computers and mobile devices. Enter: stylish blue-light blocking readers that offer a first line of defense. “Many high-end reader manufacturers are creating off-the-shelf pairs with technology that can block up to 35% of the harmful rays,” our experts share. “These technologies are also becoming commonplace among the average, everyday eyeglass wearer.” That means we may start seeing an uptick in spectacle use, even for those that don’t need them for correction.

Photography by Anastasiia Photography. L’optique is featured in The Scout Guide Asheville.