Sartorially speaking, when it comes to getting party-ready, summer may be the easiest season—simply throw on a dress and your favorite footwear and you’re done. However, when it comes to our hair, warmer months can present problems. Outdoor soirées can be humid, hair-raising affairs, while unexpectedly breezy beach gatherings can wreak havoc on carefully coiffed waves. To help us keep our locks looking chic regardless of what the summer evening may hold, we turned to Katina Turner of Asheville, North Carolina-based salon and beauty boutique Turner & Co. for inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions. Here, she shares three hairstyles that are perfect for summer parties.

Add flair with a scarf. A unique way to add some color to your summer party ’do—and look current—is to incorporate a scarf, as Turner & Co. experts did with the vintage accessory from the 21 Club in New York, featured above. If you’re ambitious, you can do this at home (Turner says to practice first!), or you can ask your stylist to braid the scarf into your hair for you. For this hairstyle, section the hair into three parts, with the largest section of hair in the middle. Fold the scarf in half, place the center of the scarf under the middle section of hair, incorporate the two sides of the scarf into the two outer sections of hair, and began to braid.

Embrace the deconstructed updo. For a more glamorous version of a messy updo that will last all night, Turner loves the sewing technique created by Kevin Murphy, session stylist and creator of the eponymous Kevin Murphy line of hair color and styling products. This technique uses only a blunt needle and one piece of linen thread (and no pins!), which come in a sewing kit by Murphy that the Turner & Co. stylists use at the salon. While executing the look (featured above, right, with a crescent leather and brass accessory for added interest) will likely require enlisting a stylist or savvy friend, Turner says it’s worth it. The process involves first drying and curling the hair with a large curling wand, then sectioning the hair and leaving a bit of hair out in the front to be sewn in later. Next, the back section of hair is gathered from the center and nape of the neck and drawn into the center of the head. At the nape of the neck, the threaded needle is then threaded through the hair three times without any tension until the third stitch has been completed, which will create a strong hold. At the occipital bone, small stitches close together are added for support, before the hair is zigzag stitched to create a hold. Once the back is secure, the front section is incorporated into the back, again using the sewing technique (pro tip: large stitches will give the hair volume, while small stitches will create support). Finish by making a loop to tie the end through, and snipping the remaining thread.

Opt for a sleek ponytail. If you’re in a time crunch and need an easy fix, Turner recommends going with an upgraded pony. For this simple and chic style, gather your hair in an elastic, leaving two pieces near the front of your hair out. Crisscross the two pieces around the elastic and secure with pins.

Photographs by Anastasiia Photography. In the photos featured above, the scarf is from the owner’s personal collection, the leather and brass hair accessory is by Amber Hatchett Designs, and the looks were executed by Turner & Co. stylists Jasmin Wallen and Erica McFee. TSG Tip 315 from Katina Turner of Asheville, North Carolina-based Turner & Co. Turner & Co. is featured in The Scout Guide Asheville.