The Scout Guide (TSG) is a network of city guides that highlight the best of local in each of the locations we cover. We showcase excellent artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and independent businesses in a variety of ways: A beautiful print publication, inspiring and informative editorial content published daily online, and social media platforms.

Founded in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2010, The Scout Guide expanded outside of its hometown in 2012, and has grown to a network of 60 cities and counting. Today, with more than 100 volumes in print and local editors located across the country, The Scout Guide network stretches from coast to coast. From Aspen to Austin, Napa to Nashville, The Scout Guide has become a trusted resource for locals and travelers alike.

Our staff at headquarters in Charlottesville and our local editors across the U.S. share a common purpose: To celebrate the unique, talented entrepreneurs who infuse our towns with their originality, creativity, and passion. In the process, we act as tastemakers, cheerleaders, and matchmakers for the businesses we promote and our ever-growing audience of locally minded, discerning readers.

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SUSIE MATHESON began her career in publishing in San Francisco. After getting married, she moved to Charlottesville, where she worked at BoxerJam, an internet gaming startup. She then started a men’s handkerchief business, which she ran while raising her three children. After selling her business, Matheson started a blog, Scout Charlottesville, where she wrote about the local treasures she discovered while shopping and exploring in her hometown. The response was overwhelmingly positive; readers embraced Matheson’s voice and coveted her unique finds, and the businesses that Matheson mentioned in her posts saw their sales figures increase. From that successful formula, The Scout Guide was born.





CHRISTY FORD started her career in New York City, where she was a photographer for shelter magazines for seven years. She then moved to Charlottesville, where she opened And George, an antique and home store, with her mother. The store soon became a favorite among locals and a destination for out of town visitors, and it is currently celebrating its thirteenth year in business. In 2010, Matheson approached Ford with an idea: she proposed that they collaborate on a beautifully produced guide that featured the best of Charlottesville. They envisioned The Scout Guide as a book worthy of display on a coffee table and right at home on a bedside table in a guest room, filled with photos depicting the independent businesses—and, just as important, the faces behind them—that made their town unique. The first Guide was published in spring of 2010, and the rest is history.