For some of us at TSG Headquarters, sweater season starts sometime in August. (The unofficial rule seems to be that as soon as people start talking about back-to-school preparations it’s okay to start sporting cable knits.) But now that the temperatures have caught up to our clothing preferences, it’s time to invest in the good stuff: cozy pieces that can stand up to the actual cold, not just combat the chill of an aggressively air conditioned office.

There are a few key attributes we look for in our knits. Warmth and versatility are a must, and while we tend to keep to the classic—and neutral—end of the spectrum, we’re not afraid of a little flair in the form of color blocking or an interesting hemline.

Here, we’ve rounded up 15 sweaters that we feel belong in any winter closet. From polished-looking white sweaters that can be dressed up or down to oversize grey versions destined to become your go-to weekend attire, here’s what to invest in this season.