Whimsical Birthday Parties 101

founders note

Throwing kid birthday parties can feel daunting, especially in this age of Etsy, Pinterest and DIY everything. Truth be told, there’s nothing like an old-fashioned tea party at your house.  TSG founder Christy Ford gives us a peek at some of the fantastically girly parties she has thrown for her daughters and gives us her recipe for success.

Party Musts:
– an extra long table
– Fancy China
– Champagne Flutes
– Cucumber Sandwiches
– Lots of flowers
– A whimsical cake
– Bowls of strawberries
– A simple souvenir
– A photo booth to pose in front of

“it’s all about feeling fancy for my daughters. we rent a long table and We decorate it together and use the same wares we would use for an adult affair. the menu is CUCUMBER sandwiches, strawberries, edamame, and other favorite treats. we drink from champagne flutes or china tea cups. no paper cups here!”

“There is always a theme, like princess or white swan. This year we did a flower arranging party and the bouquets that the girls made were the party favor. So much better than goodie bags!”

“We usually like to set up a photobooth, they’re always a hit. Take an extra large piece of white paper and pin it to the wall. For the white swan party, the girls came in white costumes; the photobooth lets them have fun posing in dress-up. lots of time it can lead to a dance party!”


“It’s all about the cake! This is the place to go the most whimsical and over the top. my mom makes them for the girls and they help out.”


(Photography via Christy Ford)