The Not-so-old Fashioned

tsg-charleston-basico-not-so-old-fashionedJust as we gradually transition our wardrobes from winter to spring and start filling our homes with bright, fresh accents as the weather starts to improve, our choice in cocktails tends to slightly change once it seems that a break from the cold-weather blues might be on the horizon. Thanks to March coming in like a lion earlier this week, we’re hesitant to officially retire one of our favorite wintry drinks: the Old Fashioned. However, spring is on our minds thanks to a sun-filled Sunday, so a refreshing twist on the classic feels quite appropriate.

The following recipe, courtesy of Chef Bryan Cates of Charleston, South Caroina’s Básico, is an appealing take on the winter standby that feels just right for early March. The restaurant’s name means “basic,” or “primary,” in Spanish, and this “Not-so-old Fashioned” is, in many ways, just that, but the addition of pomegranate liqueur gives it a burst of freshness—and bright color—that makes it feel anything but stodgy.


1 ½ oz. bourbon
2 dashes Angostura bitters
½ oz. pomegranate liqueur
1 large orange slice
1 cocktail cherry

In cocktail shaker, pour bourbon, bitters and pomegranate liqueur over ice.  Add a dash of water. Stir the mixture over ice for 20 seconds. Serve over ice in an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with orange slice and cocktail cherry.

tsg-basico-old-fashioned-2An ideal drink for the winter-to-spring transition, this concoction is best enjoyed while watching snow melt, contemplating spring wardrobe additions, or discussing plans for a tropical getaway.

Basico // Charleston, SC // 843.471.1670