Rooted in West Texas: Reliving Volume 3's Cover Color Party

Shoppers at The Scout Guide farmers' market with vibrant fruit-themed banner.

Last weekend, we hosted our second annual cover color party at Odessa’s newest hot spot, The Boardroom. The event occurred in parallel to the Parks Legado Farmers Market and proved once again that no one does local like those who have their roots here in West Texas. With over 1,000 people making their guesses at what color combination will grace the cover of Volume 3, the tallying is well underway and we can’t wait to reveal it soon. 

With refreshments and baked goods in hand from Chef Patrick, guests perused and collected copies of Scout Guides from across the country, while being invited to create their own swag bags of local goods from TSG West Texas members. 

We’d be remiss not to mention the invaluable presence of our vendors, like marquee letters from LandMARQ, bottomless sno cones from Southern Sno and the insane balloon decor from Cody’s Red Balloons, including a tree that pays homage to our roots, farms and ranches that make Park Legado’s Farmers Market possible.

Colorful The Scout Guide West Texas banners on display stands.

Every time TSG West Texas has the privilege of hosting the community, we continue to be blown away by our partners — like The Boardroom in this case — for being outstanding, generous and lovely to work alongside. 

Person browsing a page in The Scout Guide with culinary images.

As we head into the final days of the production cycle for Volume 3 and gear up for printing & publishing in August and September, we want to say thank you for making West Texas the place it is today. From our nursery and home improvement stores to our boutiques, realtors and service providers, I am thrilled to continue sharing their stories and to continue to drive home the message that we’re a more prosperous community when we choose to shop local. 

To learn about more local businesses in West Texas, visit our directory.