A Note from the Editor

Editor + Owner Claire Ramirez with photographer Audrey Benninghoff.

Welcome to The Scout Guide West Texas, Volume 2. From the cover colors (inspired by our state flag) to the individuals and institutions featured within these pages, Volume 2 is a celebration of the culture, heritage, and future of West Texas. 

Since flagship towns like Midland and Odessa were first established, West Texas’s wide open spaces have symbolized opportunity, and not just for the oil rigs and cattle ranches that have traditionally defined our special slice of Texas. Today, West Texas boasts an abundance of culture, community, and connection. 

Volume 2 is an invitation to learn more about West Texas and, most importantly, an introduction to the artists, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers who make West Texas such a special place to live, work, and visit. Browse it, display it, share it – but most importantly, use it! It is my hope that this guide will help you connect with the people of West Texas on a deeper level and, in doing so, enjoy the wide open spaces from Midland to Marfa to their fullest. 

To the businesses that appear in The Scout Guide West Texas, Volume 2, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude. It’s an honor to tell and be a part of your stories. I look forward to supporting, nurturing, and cherishing our community, and I hope you’ll join me. 
Claire Ramirez

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