A Mocktail Recipe for Your Dry January

Come January 1st, a brief hiatus from the booze may be just what the doctor ordered, literally. The holidays, with its many parties and visits from in-laws, are a marathon of indulgence, after all. With a booze break in mind, we reached out to the mixologists at Midland favorite, The Blue Door. Wizzes at whipping up a refreshing happy hour cocktail, we knew they were the perfect experts to tap for an inspired, alcohol-free option. Here, they share a seasonal mocktail that, true to form, is refined, yet unpretentious.


When it comes to mixing drinks, working with seasonal fruit is best. In January, citrus fruit is at its most bright and flavorful. Pay attention while grocery shopping: the usual selections will be there, but you may also run into blood oranges, Meyer lemons, raspberry oranges, and mandarins.

This alcohol-free recipe uses a trio of fresh citrus, honey, and jalapeños for some heat to compliment the natural sweetness. Want it with a punch? Tequila would work beautifully.



2 Oz freshly squeezed Orange of choice (we used Sumo mandarins)

2 Oz freshly squeezed Ruby red grapefruit

1oz fresh lime

.25 Oz honey

3 slices jalapeño

Strain into glass

Top with Topo Chico

Lime, fresh mint, jalapeños, or whatever your little heart desires.


Wet the rim of your glass with a lime wedge, then dip the glass in Tajin.

Add ice to glass.

Shake all ingredients over ice in your mixing tin.

Strain into glass, then top with Topo Chico

Garnish with lime, fresh mint, jalapeños, or whatever your heart desires.

Or, have The Blue Door whip up Only the Zest — or one of their other refreshing, inspired cocktails and mocktails — in person Monday through Saturday, 4:00 pm to 12:00 am.

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