About TSG Washington, D.C. Editor Erin Fuge:
Erin Fuge was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and attended The College of Charleston, where she studied International Business and Spanish. After graduating, she moved to Washington, D.C., and began working in finance, and before long she moved on to event planning and marketing roles.

Erin’s years spent working in event planning and marketing sparked her love for D.C., as they enabled her to discover the beautiful venues, museums, restaurants, and artists that make her city unique. It was this passion for finding local treasures—and spreading the word about them—that attracted her to The Scout Guide, and when the opportunity to become the Editor for The Scout Guide Washington, D.C. arose, Erin was thrilled to step into the role. Since then she has enjoyed meeting the current TSG Washington, D.C. business owners and hearing their stories, Scouting new local gems, and participating in the creative side of designing spreads and visual content.

In her downtime, Erin enjoys spending time with her husband and two small children, traveling, cooking, and catching up with friends.

Erin’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Washington, D.C.:

  1. The history, museums and architecture. “Living in the nation’s capital, I am lucky to enjoy the rich history, dozens of fabulous public and private museums, and gorgeous architecture.”
  1. The emerging food scene. “Over the last 10 years, the food scene in D.C. has been booming. Chefs are coming in from all over the world, making it a culinary destination.”
  1. Culture and diversity. “I enjoy hearing a variety languages and seeing all types of people every day.”

Words Erin Lives By:
“Less is more.”