About TSG Two Rivers & The Shore Editor Jaime Schneider:
Jaime is a lifelong resident of Monmouth County, having been born and raised in the Two Rivers area. After obtaining a degree in Social Work, Jaime spent time in the Main Line suburbs outside of Philadelphia where she worked in print advertising and media. Eventually, Jaime’s love of the Two Rivers area, with its perfect mix of urban and suburban living and ocean- and river-front communities, brought her back to Monmouth County to stay.

When Jaime is not scouting her area she is spending time with family and friends and her pets. An avid animal lover, Jaime is a supporter of local charities dedicated to animal welfare. She is also a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, Recovery, and Support charities.

Some of Jaime’s favorite activities in the Two Rivers area include dining and shopping in Red Bank, Asbury Park, Spring Lake and the surrounding areas; hiking the impressive park system; enjoying our fantastic beaches; and just being a part of and giving back to the community.

Jaime’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit the Two Rivers Area: 

  1. The Natural Beauty. “From one of the country’s best park systems to the winding rivers to the beach, our area is absolutely beautiful.”
  2. The Breadth of Independent Businesses. “The sheer number of outstanding small businesses and boutiques here is unbelievable.”
  3. The Nightlife. “We have a wide variety of restaurants and places to spend an evening out stretching from Red Bank to Sea Bright all the way through Asbury Park and down to Spring Lake and Manasquan.”

Words Jaime Lives By:
“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”