Tulsa Cover Color Party!

Five women posing with colorful balloons and The Scout Guide letters.

It’s the most colorful time of the year! It is time to select the newest cover color for the upcoming volume of TSG Tulsa! Festivities must include all things colorful, vibrant and oh so fun!

Colorful bouquet on books with The Scout Guide theme.

The tradition that revolves around the color cover party, at least for the Tulsa branch, includes gathering insight from our members on their personal favorite color options for the soon-to-be-released volume! We truly love hearing from our members and gaining insight along the way. We love that our members can be a part of the process, being that they play such an integral role in the publication of each and every edition.

Woman with colorful dress and drink by balloon backdrop for The Scout Guide.

In order to gather our members’ opinions, we host a big ‘ole party! At said party, there are a few cover color combinations that our members can vote on. These color combinations have been curated by, none other than, our editor, Hannah Arnaud. In picking the color options, Hannah pours her heart and soul into the decision by researching past covers, in order to see which duos have worked well in the past, and looking into the future to assume what colors will pop throughout the upcoming year and resonate best with the readers!

Smiling lady with The Scout Guide cup, vibrant attire, red nails, blurred background.

The cover color options for Tulsa’s Volume 7 include: canary yellow with a blue stripe, robin’s egg blue with a red stripe, royal purple with a blue stripe, chartreuse with a blue stripe, and pastel red with a pink stripe!

Colorful The Scout Guide Tulsa booklets displayed on a white stand.

What is your personal favorite? What do you think the next cover color will be? Save your guesses for our upcoming launch of Volume 7 in just a couple short months! Happy Scouting!