The Scoop: 6.7.24

A joyful moment in a bright kitchen captured by The Scout Guide, where a young child in a patterned outfit with an adorable bow smiles at a woman wearing matching attire, as they stand by a stove with freshly baked pastries.

LOVE: It wouldn’t feel right to do The Scoop without featuring Honey Bows! We love the cozy, bamboo fabric that the pajamas are made out of as well as the colorful, creative designs that are featured on each set! Our personal favorites are the Mommy + Me options!

WANT: Want, more like need, to stop by Grassroots Larder to get my sweet tooth fix! Summer is here and the yummy treats as well as the seasonal drinks found at the Larder are calling your name!

VISIT: Visit Mother Road Market for your next lunch outing, dinner date or to attend one of their upcoming events – click here for the schedule! Here, thanks to the wide array of food options, even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something that they love!

DO: Do grab some Cocofloss from Levinson Sullivan Dentistry! This summer, make sure to prioritize your smile! This floss helps to freshen your smile, whiten your teeth, and soothe your gums. Happy scouting and happy flossing!

MEET: Let’s get to know, Flourish Wellness! Flourish Wellness is dedicated to helping you cultivate secure and empathetic environments where you can openly explore your past experiences, thus gaining insight into your present circumstances! Reach out to them today if you, or a loved one, need a helping hand!


xo, TSG Tulsa team