The Scoop: 10.27.23

LOVE: The party supplies from The Inviting Place! This shop will cover all of your party-planning bases from the invitations all the way to the party favors. Here, you can find the cutest cups and plates, embossed graphics, acrylic gifts, custom stationary and much more!

WANT: Is this more of a want or a need with the upcoming Halloween candy in sight? How about both! Check out the new flavors of Cocofloss from Levinson Sullivan!

VISIT: The ISO Club and start looking forward to your workouts! The ISO Club’s science and technology backed method will deliver visible results in less time due to their potent combination of 20 minute performance sessions and appropriate recovery methods.

DO: Plan your Galentines dinner with The Cooks Bookmark! Book on November 1st and get ready to celebrate with your best gal pals!

MEET: Spectrum Paint, the largest independent paint company in the United States headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma! This paint company will make all of your color-related dreams come true, whether you are looking to simply add some color to an accent wall or paint your whole home!


xo, TSG Tulsa team