Q&A With co-owners of Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Co-owners of Emerge Medical & Well Spa, Belinda Stewart and Taryn Schell, are the ultimate girl boss duo who have continued to grow their business over the years. Belinda and Taryn both sat down with us to answer all of our questions about the business!


Tell us how Emerge got started.

Belinda: Emerge was started by two other owners in 2009. Taryn and I were both hired as employees. I was hired as a staff nurse in 2009 and Taryn as an office manager in 2012. I bought a portion of the business in 2012 and then gained Taryn as a business partner in 2014. We certainly have become a dynamic duo and work really well together. There are definite things about the business that I love to do that she doesn’t and vice versa. It has been the perfect partnership.

What made you want to own your own medical spa?

Taryn: I never had it set in my mind to own a medical spa. What came first was my connection with Belinda.  We clicked from the beginning.  We had the same vision and passion, not only to provide the latest quality treatments, but the relationships we developed with our staff.  It became this passion project of making a difference in our staff and clients.    

You have three locations, among other ventures. Can you explain all that you do?

Belinda: Well, I am a nurse by trade yet have become a businesswoman. I absolutely love providing jobs and continued education in this ever growing market. I love being in the forefront of learning new techniques. I love to see this industry grow and hope that I can educate in safe practices while providing natural results. I love seeing other offices as their providers grow. Since I became an owner, we have grown our business from 12 employees to over 50! I hope to see us grow even more!

What is the best part of your job?

Taryn: Going to work every day and loving what I do, but also our staff! They are so incredibly talented and I just love when they come up with new innovative ideas or get excited about a new treatment or technique they have learned. And not to mention, we really do have the best clients!

What sets Emerge Medical Spa apart?

Belinda: Our staff for sure! They make it happen for Emerge in so many ways. They all want to be the best of the best. They really take it upon themselves to educate themselves.  They want what’s best for our clients with result driven procedures. We all drink the “juice” at Emerge. 

What is your favorite service offered at Emerge? 

Taryn: That’s a hard one! On our spa side I would have to say our 90 Minute Renewal Face and Back Facial. It is so relaxing but also beneficial. For the medical side it would have to be Botox and filler! 

How has the global pandemic changed your business? 

Belinda: Well, it was really tough at first. Taryn and I both felt when we closed our doors that it may be an end. We were so fearful to lose our wonderful staff. We had just finished an expensive buildout. There was so much fear. We have been so thankful for all the support from our bank, landlord, accountant, and PPP! They all were so helpful. It became a drive to make it work. Since then, I would have to say Zoom meetings saved the day! More clients came in hating the way they looked! I am somewhat joking. I have to really thank our loyal clients, Tulsans, and our staff. We have had so much support. We are forever grateful.

You’re both moms. How do you balance family life and owning your own business? 

Taryn: It can be challenging at times but Emerge is such a big part of our lives that our families really do love to hear about the daily ins and outs of running the business. If I get a call or have to answer an email, it sometimes leads to fun conversations of all the moving parts. But Belinda and I both really work hard on the balance of knowing when it’s time to put the phone down and focus on our family.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do? 

Belinda: Relax! I love going to visit my daughter in college. Fingers crossed she will also be a nurse. My husband and I love watching our son play soccer. My kiddos are getting older so I am trying to take in as much of these moments as possible. I have an extraordinary group of girlfriends too. They can really pick a girl up when drained.

What is your favorite thing about Tulsa?

Taryn: I love the diversity of culture. Trying out new places to eat or checking out a local business. There is nothing better than exploring a small business and experiencing their passion whether it’s through food, clothing or other products. 

What is your favorite spot in Tulsa? 

Belinda: There are so many. I love walking LaFortune Park with my girlfriends, our backyard with our kiddos, and the bar at Ridge Grill with my hubby. 

What do you not leave home without? 

Taryn: My cell phone, coffee, and a positive attitude!   

What words do you live by?

Belinda: I’m really trying to listen before responding. Take the conversation in and think how to respond. I have always been such a quick responder. I think there are times I miss so much when I don’t listen. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

Taryn: I am just so incredibly proud of our team. It brings me so much joy to see each of them develop their skills and work together. We all work so hard to be our best selves, and there is nothing better than seeing the fruits of our labor professionally and personally. 


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