Let’s Get To Know Our TSG Tulsa Photographers!

Time to meet the girls that, from behind the camera, unlock the beauty that is found amidst the pages of The Scout Guide! These two photographers shape the guide into what it is, allow creative visions to became a tangible reality and utilize the gift that they have uncovered within themselves to highlight the Tulsa-based businesses in the best way possible! With that being said, let’s get to know Chloe Sokolosky and Abby Graves!

A joyful woman in a floral dress poses with a camera, evoking The Scout Guide's spirit of exploring and celebrating vibrant local scenes.

Chloe Sokolosky

Hi! I’m Chloe – the gal behind the camera! I was born & raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Chandler! We went to Oklahoma State University where I majored in Marketing. I’m a dog mama to Champ & Rocco – our bernedoodles + my furry assistants! We are overjoyed to be expecting our first little one this coming September! We are being surprised & cannot wait to find out if our precious one is a boy or a girl. Regardless, they better be ready for ALL the photos mama will take of them!

After fashion blogging for years, I one day found myself behind the camera for a change … & that’s when Chloe Reed Photography was born! Blogging was a creative outlook for me after my father passed away; but, it quickly turned & I found myself not finding joy in it anymore. Unlike photography, blogging is very self-centered & I didn’t feel I was glorifying the Lord in my works. Photography is so much more than just pretty pictures – which is what I love about it. I am able to capture such pure, special moments. I have photographed new life, life about to end & everything in between. I was able to photograph my dear friend’s mother before she started chemo a few years back. She recently passed away & the family says that my photos are some of their favorite memories of her. That was a moment I knew with everything in me that what I do is far greater than myself & a little camera. Using my talents for good & being able to give people memories that will truly last a lifetime has been such an honor! I feel so blessed to have found what I truly believe I was meant to do.

I am based in T-Town but love to travel! I specialize in high-end, fine art lifestyle photography. My images are luxurious + timeless with the main goal of delivering beautiful, heirloom quality photographs that freeze those moments we wish lasted forever. I want to grow with you in every stage & be there to capture all the good stuff. I believe in the client experience just as much as producing beautiful imagery. During a session with me, a few things are promised: precious time with your loved ones & a whole lot of laughter. If I could only pick one thing to photograph for the rest of my career it would probably be newborns – give me all the newborn cuddles! Kids aren’t always the easiest to shoot but I feel like the reward is worth all the “Baby Shark” solos in the world!

A woman in a red sleeveless outfit stands against a white wall, holding a professional camera with a smile, representing the vibrant and enterprising spirit of The Scout Guide.

Abby Graves

I began taking pictures in 2014 for a small blog that I ran about the art of hosting! I quickly realized that I loved the creative outlet photography allowed me and I soon started photographing my friends’ families. I am – for the most part – self taught. I have experimented, booked sessions for very small fees and followed the advice of experts online until I developed my own style and rhythm. I’ve since taken classes and workshops from photographers that I admire in the field to continue honing my craft. 

I studied Journalism in college and have always valued the art of storytelling. I see my photography sessions, along with the galleries that I deliver, as a way of telling a captivating story –  of families, businesses, or individuals in all seasons of life. I offer services based around family photography, portraits and heirlooms, newborn photography as well as corporate and commercial work.

The relationships I build with my clients are by far the most rewarding part of my business! I feel so grateful that my clients invite me into their lives to document it. Watching families grow behind my lens is something I will never take for granted! [The most rewarding part of my business] is the administrative portion! The art of shooting and editing is of course the fun part, but also only part of the gig. As all small business owners know – when you run a business, you wear many different hats every day!