How to Add Color to Your Home!

The changing seasons, temperatures, and schedules this time of year serve as the perfect excuse for each homeowner to add some color to their lives! A pop of color, whether it is as drastic as a fresh coat of paint or as subtle as a new throw pillow, will freshen up one’s home. Tulsa-based interior designers give their thoughts on the best ways to add color to your home! Happy Scouting!

Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Elegant living room interior featuring exposed wooden beams, a large stone fireplace with greenery, plush seating arranged on a vintage-style rug, and ample natural light from windows dressed with flowing curtains, epitomizing The Scout Guide's focus on sophisticated and curated living spaces.
Emily Hart Photography

Brown Sofa Living Room

The easiest way to add color to a space is through textiles! A bold accent sofa in a fun velvet is a nice way to bring in color (and texture) into an otherwise neutral space and creates a beautiful focal point for the room. Pillows, throws, and rugs also give the same results, but are easily changeable based on seasons or trends. It’s all about how big you want your pop of color to be!

Interior kitchen scene with rich terracotta-colored wooden cabinetry and walls, a dark countertop highlighted by sleek brass fixtures, and natural light streaming through a window with a view of trees. A classic painting hangs beside the window reflecting The Scout Guide's aesthetic of curated elegance. A wicker basket, a rustic ceramic vase holding sprouting branches, and a freshly baked loaf of bread on a cutting board contribute to the homey ambiance.
Emily Hart Photography

Red Pantry

We love an accent room – hear me out! One showstopping (typically smaller) space that creates a wow moment. It’s low commitment with high results. To get this look you can color drench the room using one paint color. For our red pantry, we used the same deep red paint for the walls, ceiling, trim, and cabinetry. The V-groove paneling gave a bit of texture to break up the red on red, along with a neutral checkered tile pattern and striped sink skirt fabric.

Haven Design

Elegant living room corner with a vintage aesthetic featuring a brown leather sofa adorned with textured cushions next to a wooden trunk used as a side table topped with books and decorative items, flanked by woven baskets against a backdrop of dark gray walls with wainscoting, alluding to a sophisticated atmosphere referenced in The Scout Guide.
Sarah Baker Photography

Nice, Dark, Rich Color

[One] way we love to use color is by painting a small room a nice dark rich color. We like to paint walls, trim and cabinetry all one rich tone to create a cozy retreat. This works incredibly well for libraries, bedrooms, and offices, turning a basic space to one that is intimate and comforting. If you aren’t ready for a whole room of color, you can just paint the cabinetry. Bringing a color in cabinets can ground a space and give it warmth and interest. By painting cabinetry a dark rich navy, a room instantly feels more refined,  perfect for a master bathroom. Or adding a soft green to kitchen cabinets can give a space warmth that can be hard to achieve with so many hard surfaces. Color can add so much, and there are many great ways to use it.

Interior design featuring a gallery wall with a collection of portraits framed in black with golden accents, arranged against a light-colored wall, reminiscent of The Scout Guide's emphasis on style and local charm. A modern navy blue sofa adorned with patterned throw pillows sits to the right, while a chic gold-framed glass side table holds a vase of white flowers and a stack of books, contributing to a curated and inviting space.
Valerie Wei-Hass Photography

Art and Accessories

There are so many great ways to incorporate color into our homes. One of the easiest ways to bring color into a space is through art. Whether it’s an overscale art piece that helps bring personality to a room, a framed grouping such as antique textile prints that inject much needed energy, or a vintage landscape propped up in a corner to add warmth and character, art is an easy way to add color to any room in the house. If a client is not ready to pull the trigger on painting, or art for color, an easy way to inject a bit of color is through accessories.  We love a fun colorful pillow or a vase of flowers to bring fresh color into a space. Even a stack of colorful books on a table can help bring in some needed color. Its an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to liven up a space.

Emily Davis Interiors

An elegant bathroom setting featuring a striking teal wall and a large gold-framed mirror reflecting a softly lit interior, accompanied by a traditional basin with a sleek brass faucet. A lit candle rests on a stone tray beside a finely embroidered hand towel, while a vase with white flowers adds a touch of freshness, all curated to embody the refined aesthetic of The Scout Guide.
Kacey Gilpin Photography

The Power of Paint

Paint is the most transformative tool a homeowner has. I often will ask homeowners what they want a space to feel like. After narrowing down on the mood they want to set, we can evaluate what color will get us there.

Elegant kitchen design featuring a stainless steel range with coordinating range hood, intricate floral and bird backsplash design, and marble countertops, accented with fresh blue flowers, embodying the refined aesthetic of The Scout Guide.
Kacey Gilpin Photography

Target A Feeling, Mood or Vibe

Whether we are targeting a dark and moody vibe or a light, bright and airy feel, nothing will be as impactful as the right paint selection. Additionally, nothing will be a better bang for your buck!

Bailey Austin Design

A cozy living room setup featuring a cream-colored sofa adorned with green and yellow accent pillows and flanked by two striped upholstered chairs. A framed painting of a swan on a blue background hangs above the sofa. In the center, a stylish blue-green coffee table holds books and decorative items, underpinned by a subtle green area rug. The Scout Guide inspired the inviting aesthetic of the space, combining comfort with a touch of elegance.
Kacey Gilpin Photography

Go With The Seasons

As we transition from winter to spring and summer, it’s the perfect time to inject some vibrant hues into your living space. One effortless and budget-friendly way to do this is by swapping out your accent pillows. Not only does it instantly add color, but it also introduces new patterns to liven up your decor. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, consider rearranging your furniture and rotating your accessories. This simple yet effective technique breathes new life into your room, allowing you to appreciate your existing pieces from a fresh perspective without breaking the bank.

A stylish interior featuring a dark cabinet with two textured, pale blue lamps flanking a vibrant, red dish, all set against a wall adorned with a framed artwork depicting a large, green geometric shape reminiscent of The Scout Guide's aesthetic.
Kacey Gilpin Photography

Simple, Yet Effective

Moreover, there’s an abundance of simple accessories available that can infuse your home with color. Think about adding a colorful candle like those from Glassy Baby, investing in new coffee table books, or incorporating a vibrant tray to organize decorative objects on your coffee table. These small additions can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space.

Luxe Furniture & Design

A cozy and inviting living room featured in The Scout Guide displays a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design elements, accentuated by natural light streaming in through large windows. The space features a gray upholstered sofa adorned with an array of decorative pillows, flanked by chic table lamps, and facing a classic white fireplace with a striking abstract painting above. Elegant armchairs with striped blue upholstery add a touch of sophistication, while a purple tufted ottoman introduces a pop of vibrant color. The room is anchored by a large patterned area rug, and subtle floral accents provide freshness, contributing to the room's serene and stylish ambiance.

Pops of Color

Senior designer, Michelle Harrison, touches on this topic by explaining that, “Every room is a blank canvas when you begin to decorate, artfully allowing white space for those pops of color to shine. Vibrant hues will float in the room without overstimulating the eye. In this room, blue chair cushions, fuchsia floor cushions and a coral tray provide stability, allowing a playful moment on the fireplace artwork and pillows. Greenery and florals are a delicate layer to bring the space full circle”.