Getting to Know Stay Gold Event Rentals

Ready to host a party but missing some of the key elements like a funky bar, a cozy seating arrangement, or even a custom shelving unit to hold a display of snacks and beverages? Well, look no further than Stay Gold Event Rentals! This business is happy to help you iron out the details and make your vision become a reality.

Tell us the story of your business. How did it begin? I started my rental business a couple of years after planning my own wedding. During that process I came across a few companies that rented out vintage furniture and visiting their warehouses made me so envious. I had always been into vintage furniture and I realized it was my dream to have a warehouse full of vintage furniture that I could rent out to other vintage lovers. I decided to just go for it and after about 3 years, moving to another state, and a pandemic, business finally started taking off and the Tulsa community has really embraced and nurtured my dream!  I’ve since moved beyond vintage rentals and now have a little something for every style!

What does your team look like? One of my biggest goals when starting a business was being able to offer job opportunities in my community. And this year I have been lucky enough to begin growing my team! Caroline is a recent addition to my team and no title can fully encompass everything that she does. She’s been such an asset to my team and you can find her running our social media, working on designs for our clients, and making sure that our inventory looks perfect for your event! Another team member, Steph, is an organization queen and has whipped our warehouse and offices into shape! She is such a cheerleader for my business and has been so supportive to have around! We also have a couple of people that help with our deliveries and they are the true backbone of our company, they do all the heavy lifting and we are so thankful to have them around! 
I look forward to offering more job opportunities in 2024!

What is a fun or unique fact about your business, your team, or your line of work that you would like to share? I have a background in commercial interior design, this can be such an asset in our line of work, not just for putting together seating areas or colors, but because I can really visualize how a space can come together and think about the proper scale ahead of time so that all of the pieces we suggest for you work together in the space. I think about things like the seat heights of all of the elements in a lounge so that no one is going to sit down and feel out of place in one of our seating areas. There’s so much more to designing than just thinking about which colors go together. It also really comes in handy when we’re working on our custom builds or building new pieces for our inventory. I went from detailing custom millwork to building custom bars and my knowledge of construction has been such a game changer when it comes to planning and executing all of our custom builds. 

What is the most rewarding part of your business? Being a part of someone’s wedding day is the biggest honor. When a client sees their lounge or custom seating chart for the first time and they’re blown away or it’s better than they could imagine, that is the absolute best response! 

What is the most challenging part of your business? All the logistics. Scheduling all of our deliveries and retrievals for a 10 event weekend is not for the faint of heart. And let’s be real, I started this business because I’m a creative! Scheduling and spreadsheets are just not my jam!

What kinds of products/services are offered? We are a boutique event rental company, we offer lounge furniture, specialty pieces like bars, and our most recent venture has us dipping our toes into custom production. We’ve enjoyed creating custom seating charts for our clients and are currently working on one of our largest productions yet!

What does your process look like? There are so many ways we can help our clients. We know looking through our inventory options can be overwhelming so we absolutely love helping clients with the design of their seating area or seating chart! We host warehouse consultations because we know everyone loves to touch and see furniture in person! We enjoy meeting with clients because we really get to dig into the details and talk about our favorite subject, design! Or, if you know exactly what you need, you can create a wishlist through our website and we can get a proposal over to you within 1 business day!

Why should someone consider renting from you all? We are a stickler for details. We are going to make sure your design is perfect and you have absolutely everything you need. We know wedding and event planning can be overwhelming so we work as your partner and take some of that stress off your shoulders. Whether that be helping you with a design or figuring out the perfect placement, we truly want to help you and not create more stress. When we show up on the day of, our delivery crew is trained on how to place every single piece, they’re going to fluff every pillow and they’re going to brush out the velvet so that everything is picture perfect for your event. 

What is a tip or trick that you would like to share with us in relation to your business? While it’s tempting to purchase everything for your event on your own, please consider renting. There are so many aspects that aren’t considered when you’re just comparing prices. Who’s going to unpack and build all of those purchases? Who’s going to transport it to the venue? Who’s going to set it up? Who’s going to tear it down? Who’s going to transport it back to your home? What are you going to do with all of that stuff after the wedding? You do not need that kind of stress, especially on the day of your wedding! So let us handle all those things and do the heavy lifting for you!

When you decide to reach out to Stay Gold Event Rentals for your next event, gathering, or wedding, make sure to let them know that The Scout Guide sent you! Happy Scouting!