Getting to Know Emerge

Care to try out a spot whose motto is, “Be well, be beautiful, be you.”? Well, then make sure to stop by Emerge! Everyone will find something that they are interested in amongst the lengthy list of services that are provided at this spa! Whether you are wanting facials, injectables, massages, or even weight loss therapy, this is the place for you! Book your appointment today!

Tell us the story of your business. How did it begin? Emerge opened its doors in 2007 by different owners but it wasn’t until Belinda became an owner in 2012 and Taryn in 2014, that Emerge really became what it is today. Taryn and Belinda are like minded professionals that saw the vision of what Emerge could bring to Tulsa and that vision has continued to lead us to success year after year. 

What does your team look like? We can confidently say that we have curated the best team in Tulsa. Because we are very selective in the hiring process, our staff at each location is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. We also make team building a priority so that we all stay connected and work together to provide the best possible experience for our patients and clients allowing us to thrive as a small business. 

What is unique about your business? Emerge has always stood out in the medical spa and wellness industry in northeast Oklahoma for a couple of reasons. In 2016, Belinda became a nationally certified injectable trainer with Allergan which led to her being a top 1% injector in the country. Amy, too, was recently recognized in Healthcare Business Review as being one of the top 10 hormone providers in the nation and the only one recognized in the state of Oklahoma. Emerge is also became a Platinum provider with Biote in 2021 which is the highest tier a provider can be ranked. With all of this experience and knowledge, Emerge gains access to the latest in medical aesthetics and integrative medicine allowing us to treat our patients optimally.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Having the ability to make someone simply feel more confident and better in their skin is absolutely rewarding! Whether it be restoring lost volume in their face, correcting a skin concern they’ve struggled with for years or guiding them along on their wellness journey, we are honored that they trust us to achieve their desired results!

What is the most challenging part of your job? We are so proud to be one of the leaders in our industry but that comes with a lot of pressure to be the first to provide the latest products and procedures the market has to offer. Medical esthetics and integrative medicine is ever changing so we have to be on the cusp of the latest technology and sometimes that means taking risks, which can be scary but hey, we’re up to the challenge!

What kinds of services do you provide? Give us a brief explanation of each (what does each one look like, what benefits come from each one, which are most popular, etc.?)! Our menu is vast across our four locations, but at each location, our focus is clear: beauty, health & wellness. Our most popular treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, weight loss therapy, hormone therapy, IV therapy, body sculpting, spa facials, peels, body treatments, salon services, you name it! Looking good and feeling your best never goes out of style, so it’s safe to say the benefits are endless!

What service would you suggest for someone to try on their first visit with you! It’s no secret that Botox and Juvederm fillers continue to be our most popular treatments, but if you’re looking for a more relaxing service, a great place to start is our 60 minute facial or for a touch of wellness, we would recommend our IV therapy. You can’t go wrong with either!

What is a fun or unique fact about your business, your team, or your line of work that you would like to share? A very interested and fun fact would be that we were featured in the November 2022 issue of Vanity Fair and the November 2023 issue of Vogue! We were contacted by each of these publications and invited to be featured in these issues and it still doesn’t seem quite real!

What is a tip or trick that you would like to share with us in relation to your business? We’ve got two great tips. First, always wear SPF, every day! Protecting your skin from harmful rays can prevent premature aging. Second, take care of your health now, before you’re forced to later!

When you decide to reach out to Emerge to book your next spa appointment, make sure to let them know that The Scout Guide sent you! Happy Scouting!