Getting to Know Cortney McClure Design

After uncovering the joy that comes from crafting a well-loved home, Cortney McClure chose to tap into her instinctive eye for timeless design and establish herself as a designer in 2018.

Tell us the story of Cortney McClure Design. How did it begin? Design, in some capcity, has been part of my life since I was a kid –  rearranging my own room or spaces of family members was a passtime. I worked in the oil & gas industry after college and realized that wasn’t the path I wanted to be on for my career. At the same time, we were building our dream home on family property. Our farmhouse was the project that ultimately launched my career. It is still the truest version of who I am as a designer. The process was so fulfilling and I slowly made connections in the industry and took on additional projects. Now, 6 years later, I have 4 team members and we work on everything from new construction to full renovations in Bartlesville and Tulsa.

What is unique about your business? We don’t have one specific design aesthetic, and that approach allows us to learn a wide variety of design philosphies. Each client and project is so unique and we help clients to love what they already have, while layering in new elements. This helps them love the process and see the beauty that is already around them. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? I love serving others through design and helping them feel a deeper sense of home, in their space. It is one of my greatest joys to turn my passion into a career. As well as seeing the delight on our clients faces at the conclusion of our project, it never gets old!

What is the most challenging part of your job? Design comes second nature to me, but the main challenges are navigating the day to day aspects of business. We have spent many hours honing our process to be smooth and efficient. It hasn’t happened overnight but I am so proud of our team for putting in the work to ensure a high-end client experience.

What kinds of services do you offer? We offer a wide variety of services: interior and exterior design, architectural floor plans & elevations, 3D remodeling, furniture & space layout plans.

How would you all describe your design style (if you can narrow it down to one)? If we had to pick one design style, it would be modern prairie. Each of our projects has foundational elements, earth tones, and natural materials that are inspired by where the home is / the land around it. Place is signficant and we emphasize to our clients that what they have and where they live is beautiful. Northeastern Oklahoma is vast and has natural beauty that we consciously and subconsciously take inspiration from for each client. 

What does your team look like and who is it composed of?

   Cortney McClure – Founder & Principal Designer 

   Jennifer Tate – Senior Designer

   Reid Traxson – Associate Designer

   Elle Denyer – Studio & Sourcing Manager

   Shaelynn Cook – Project Manager

What is your favorite thing about Tulsa? The Tulsa community is filled with people who truly want to help one another in ways that are impactful.  There is also a deep appreciate for design and art, which is crucial for culture to thrive.

When you decide to reach out to Cortney McClure, make sure to let her know that The Scout Guide sent you! Happy Scouting!