Getting to Know Balloon Therapy

Balloon Therapy makes every event pop with their unique balloon installations! This business is able to cater to any type of event, of any size, and even any theme! Whether you are hosting a tailgate that needs a photo-worthy backdrop, a bridal shower that needs an arch at the door’s entrance, or a festive garland for your next family gathering, Balloon Therapy will be happy to help!

Tell us the story of Balloon Therapy. How did it begin? My friend from college started the original Balloon Therapy and in Dallas and quickly gained a national audience because of her very distinctive style. I knew Tulsa would love something similar, and pitched starting the first franchise in Tulsa. The rest is history!

What is unique about your business? The most unique thing we offer is how custom we can make an installation. From Country Music Christmas to a Skateboarding Ballerina Birthday, we can make just about anything come to life. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? The looks on people’s faces when they see the final installation

What is the most challenging part of your job? Figuring out how to put together a weekend schedule that accommodates everyone’s venues’ demands

What kinds of services/products do you offer? Garland decor for photo opts mostly, but ceiling treatments are popular too!

Do you have any tips or tricks that you can share with someone that is looking to work with you for an upcoming wedding, birthday party, or any other sort of event? Give us colors and your theme, and trust the process. The more creative freedom we have, the better it turns out!

When you reach out to Balloon Therapy for your upcoming birthday party, bridal shower, charity event, or any other event for that matter, make sure to let them know that The Scout Guide sent you! Happy Scouting!