Current Home Trends with Embellishments Interiors

Embellishments Interiors is a charming furniture and décor shop located on Cherry Street. We sat down with owner Hari Lu Ames who told us all about the upcoming interior design trends we need to know about. Now, we have outlined them here just for you!



A classic staple that will last you a lifetime will always be stone pieces. Whether it’s in the form of a decorative bowl, a desk lamp, or an end table, stone is bound to upgrade a space. Fluorite and Onyx are Embellishments’ current favorites and give you the option between color and classic neutral.



While a pop of color here and there is nice, neutrals win when it comes to home color trends. Mixing different shades of white and neutrals has given a new dimension to the ‘minimalist’ style. Mixing neutrals in patterns or different pieces around your home adds an eye catching effect while still keeping it clean.

image 3.JPG


Updating the classics is key to the 2021 home trends. Glass decor is undoubtedly a timeless classic, but there are so many ways it can be changed to fit the times. Stained glass is one way to make a piece your own, matching shades to your color scheme or mixing colors based on the season. Another way is mixing shapes and sizes. Embellishments do both here with these fun glass vases!

image 4.JPG


Silhouettes are a huge part of what makes a piece so special. The architectural home shape instantly brings a touch of cozy and cute into any space. These stone pieces from Embellishments make perfect stand alone decor or even bookends to make a statement.

image 2.JPG


Hurricane candle holders are a fun upgrade to regular store-bought candle jars. While also functional, there are so many ways to make these special. Incorporating mixed neutrals and stone trends into the hurricanes instantly makes this a fun statement for your shelf!

Shop all of these trends in store at Embellishments Interiors on Cherry Street. Don’t forget to let them know that The Scout Guide sent you!