ABCO Party Rentals Pivots to Help Those in Need

They were supposed to provide party rentals for Tulsa’s event industry. Now they’re providing coronavirus vaccination tents and delivery services for local nonprofit groups.

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Right now, ABCO Party Rentals should be celebrating another busy spring event season, supplying tables, chairs, tents, linens and place settings for some of Tulsa’s largest events and weddings. But almost overnight, what had been a growing market for live events completely collapsed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many businesses suddenly facing layoffs and loss of income, ABCO is adjusting to the current market. “We saw an urgency for very specific services ABCO could provide,” says Talmadge Powell, co-owner of TPC Studios and ABCO Party Rentals. “We have a large fleet of trucks, tents and a crew to help keep medical facilities, schools and nonprofit operations running.”

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In a matter of days, ABCO pivoted to being a rapid-response disaster relief team by providing tents for coronavirus testing and now vaccination sites, while also assisting schools and nonprofit organizations in delivering meals across Oklahoma to feed hungry families. 

“We’re in an industry that moves fast. We’ll install an entire event setup on a blank slate,” Powell said. “We have everything available: generators, tents, Wi-Fi, lighting, restrooms, tables, chairs and sanitization stations. We can have you up and running in a day, and that’s the need right now.”

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ABCO continues to be there for Tulsa, providing discounts to any medical facility, school or nonprofit organization needing to setup tents or transport critical supplies. Powell said, “We are just hoping to be of service now and resume normal event celebrations as soon as possible.” For more information, please contact ABCO Party Rentals at 918-583-6557 or visit