Tips For Hosting The Perfect Spring Brunch

There are some things in life that just pair well together; spring and brunch definitely fall into that list of simple life pleasures. However, we understand that hosting the perfect brunch is not always easy and can get to be a little overwhelming. Not to worry! We have gathered a list of ideas and recommendations to ensure that your spring brunch blooms in to a smashing success! 

1. Add fresh berries and fruits into your drinks ! Even if your guests are drinking water, adding in some fresh fruit is a fun and simple way to elevate the presentation. (Tip: we recommend having the fruit prepped and set aside for each guest to customize their drink)

2. Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, add a few of your favorite seasonal flowers as arrangements/decor for your table. ( Tip: Use mason jars as vases for your flower arrangements!) And if you are really feeling fancy, you can always have florals created for you by the best in Tucson: Eastland Alley!

3. To make your job as a host easier, we recommend having a self serve bar where your guests can build their own brunch plates. Having easy to serve food such as cheese boards, sandwiches, small pastries, and fruit is ideal and looks great presentation wise. ( Tip: check out Graze and Provisions instagram page to get inspiration on building the perfect cheeseboard—or better yet—hire them to make your brunch dreams come true!) 

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And for all your event planning needs, BIG or SMALL, be sure to reach out to our Scouted Members Crain & Co!