Three Lessons on 25+ Years In Business

Black Sheep Film Works

Photo by Fletcher And Co

Stepheny Keith is the owner and mastermind behind Black Sheep Film Works, an incredible video production company that creates unique and modern films for corporate, non-profit, and events. She has been in business for 25+ years and was kind enough to share a few of the important lessons that she learned along the way.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

“The owner of a boutique wine shop may say “I sell wine” and I ask “WHY do you sell wine?” and then they tell their story. They sell wine because of how it can bring people together. Because of the never ending intricacies of each glass. Because they once found that ahhhmazing bottle of $20 Cabernet that everyone is searching for. There is an authentic tale behind every small business; it is what makes them stand out. It creates and sustains their customer base, and it is why they prosper and grow. The story is the call to action, their ”WHY”, and video is its perfect messenger to get that story out there.”

Photo by Fletcher and Co

Always Keep Learning

“Continuing education is key! I have been to multiple conferences, participated in many seminars, in subjects ranging from filmmaking to finance. Being around the best in your field, or any field, makes you better. Getting out of your comfort zone, learning new things, updating and sharpening your skills will keep you relevant in an ever changing world.”

Lift Up Other Entrepreneurs

“There is always enough room in business for another good business.” In 25+ years, I have had my share of imitators and under cutters. Black Sheep Filmworks has continued to thrive because my work is my joy, and the incredibly supportive Tucson community can see that. I love to make connections with other business owners, be they florists, realtors, photographers…the list is endless. If I need something, I reach out, and I am amazed at the “hearts and smarts” of my fellow small business owners. We are so lucky to live in a gorgeous place that bolsters creativity, work ethic and community. I have created films for Tucson’s events, products, and people, and I know in my soul what a great city we live in. My friend and fellow TSG Scouted Member Avery Wagner of Wagner Perspective always says #TucsonIsCool, and I couldn’t agree more!”

Photo by Fletcher and Co