The 7 Things You Need To Know About Lip Filler Before Booking an Appointment

At some point in time, we may have all thought about undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure. One of the most common non-surgical procedures that is continually gaining popularity today is lip injections. While every medical procedure should be gone into thoughtfully and with a board verified injector- we are smiling ear to ear with the visible results of the lip transformation by Scouted member Laura Zimmerman Nurse Practitioner and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at ZL Med Aesthetics. Below we have rounded up the 7 things you need to know about this in demand beauty treatment!

7 Things You Need To Know About Lip Filler Before Booking an Appointment

There are over 20 different types of FDA approved fillers available, and they are both made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body and helps keep tissues well lubricated and is ideal for lip fillers since it has a natural plumping effect. There are differences in the fillers, so different lip types will benefit from certain fillers. Sometimes Botox can be combined with a filler treatment to improve your smile.

Bruising is common side effect after any injectable. You can do a few things to minimize this- but always allow 2 weeks before an important event! Minimizing blood thinners (pain killers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc) can help to reduce bruising and bleeding from the injection.

Avoid exercise for the first 24 hours after your treatment. Typically makeup can be worn after 24 hours.

If you are worried about the pain let me ease your mind, full nerve blocks are used to offer complete numbing of the lips to ensure you barely feel a thing!

Prices can vary since each treatment is customized to fit the clients but can range from $600+

The results from filler are visible right away- but will be about 30% bigger than final result due to swelling. Swelling gradually subsided in 2-4 weeks after injection. Most fillers last 6mo- 15mo, depending on the type of filler, how well you take care of your skin, and your natural levels of enzymes which break down the Hyaluronic acid.

The risks associated with lip fillers can vary from slight pain, bleeding, and swelling. Less common side effects can be infections, blood vessel blockages, and allergic reactions to the numbing agent used. Always plan on having a follow up with your injector and know how to reach the office after hours in case of a side effect.

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Let’s be honest, the idea of being able to have lusciously plump lips within a matter of minutes sounds extremely appealing right? It’s a magical process where your fairy godmother ( medical practitioner) uses their magic wand ( syringe) to instantly grant you your dream lips! With that said, its important to keep in mind that this is a medical procedure that is being performed and like any other medical procedure it should be performed by board certified professionals who will minimize the risks and give you the best experience/results possible. Lucky for you local Tucsonians we know just the place! Founded in 2016 by Dr. Ethan Larson and Laura Zimmerman, ZL MEDSPA will be your new go-to place for everything in aesthetic medicine, both surgical and non-surgical.