Membership Spotlight: Artesana Tile

Artesana – (n) a woman who does craftwork; Craftswoman. Today, our Membership Spotlight: Artesana Tile!

    Team poses for The Scout Guide in a cozy interior with a white brick fireplace.

     Photos by Audria Abney 

    Situated in the sun-drenched Tucson desert, Artesana Tile blends art and tile to create unique spaces that reflect individual personalities. Artesana’s mission is to make the highest quality materials accessible and exceptional design achievable. Their work enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space while instilling a warmth that welcomes you to experience the seamless blending of art and design. 

    Artesana Tile has introduced unique design throughout Tucson, Southern Arizona, and beyond for over 15 years. Four years ago new owner Dani Williams, brought with her a background in architecture and design, continuing Artesana’s commitment to crafting spaces that reflect personal identity.

    Smiling woman sitting on yellow sofa for The Scout Guide.

     Photos by Audria Abney 

    Whether vibrant color, a soft rustic palette, polished modern or calming classic, Dani and the Artesana team bring the highest level of art and craft to their spaces. With over two decades of combined design experience, the Artesana team is committed to assisting customers in transforming their ideas into a beautiful reality, whether creating art in sparkling new spaces or enhancing an existing property. 

    The Artesana design team provides personalized service, ensuring you feel confident and supported when reimagining your space. From one-on-one consultations to digital mockups that help you visualize your space, Artesana is dedicated to making your design process enjoyable.

    Woman browsing through library of items for The Scout Guide.

     Photos by Audria Abney 

    Like people, every space is undeniably unique with special charm and character that work to fit the needs of each individual. Artesana provides services that help you feel at home and designers that help you understand how to elevate your space. Artesana’s personalized guidance and unique selection have distinguished them in Southern Arizona. 

    Artesana Tile thoughtfully curates unique artisan lines of product  for their showroom, ensuring a selection of quality pieces for every design project and budget.  These smaller companies create high-quality tiles that have strong individuality and inspire uncommon designs. Their showroom has tiles you simply cannot find in other places. It is all part of a mission to deliver unique tiles and ensure you find the perfect design to bring into your space.

    Creatives at work on designs for The Scout Guide.

     Photos by Audria Abney 

    Hardscape design is ever evolving and Artesana ensures they are at the forefront of new trends. They recently voiced their enthusiasm for rounded corners and beautiful tiles in hues of blues and greens. Creating a space that balances contemporary materials with experimental art can lead to endless possibilities. 

    Elegant cafe setting with patterned coasters and a cactus, evoking The Scout Guide style.

     Photos by Audria Abney 

    Whether you’re looking for a calming oasis, want to create an energizing atmosphere, or wish for a modern update, Artesana’s personalized approach ensures your space will feel distinctly yours. Book an appointment and explore the truly special collection of artfully curated tiles featured in Artesana Tile’s showroom. You will have the opportunity to work directly with a designer who will help you understand the design process and bring you vision to life. Contact Artesana Tile today for an unmatched introduction to art and design. Membership Spotlight: Artesana Tile