Meet The Team

At The Scout Guide, we like to say that the story begins in print and continues online.  We put print first because we believe in it’s permanace and power. 

Just as our communities are anchored by the small business owners who provide unique expierences for their customers and have a profound impact on their local economies, TSG’s belief in small businesses and the potency of print is at the very foundation of what we do.

We built our local team for volume 3, rooted in the belief that we are a multi-demensional advertising opportunity.  Print and digital are complimentary but not interchangeable.  The Scout guide offers a a powerful- and proven-combination of trusted mediums, as well as dynamic and impactful content. Our team is passionate and dedicated to tell the local business stories in Southern Arizona in a modern, authentic, and meaningful way.

As we begin curation of TSG Tucson & Southern Arizona Vol.3, we invite you to meet (follow and support) our collective and collaborative group of dynamic independent contractors that make up “Team TSG”. 

MaryAnn Wittmann, Owner ~Editor

photography credit: Fletcher and Co

Anna Smirnova, Photography Creative Director

Audria Abney– Photographer

Avery Wagner, Digital Manager

photography credit: Fletcher and Co

Stepheny Keith, Videographer/ Storyteller

photography credit : Fletcher and Co

Nicole Calixtro, Editorial Content Writer